David’s Diary – May 26, 1969

Monday, 26 May 1969

To my surprise I found myself still in bed at 10 o’clock. Debby had slept late too. We didn’t move too fast—spent the rest of the morning packing. Had lunch when Dad got home at 11:45—Mother fixed steak for us. Dad had time only for lunch—then was called back to the health center for an emergency. We finished packing—and watched the splashdown of Apollo 10. We finally left W. Laf. about 1:30. We got to Bloomington about 4:00. Just drove around, walked, looked at the new library and at Wright Quad.[1] Left Bloomington about 5:00. On the way to Spring Mill stopped–photograph limestone quarry. We got into the park + pitched our tent about 7:00. After feeding Debby and having our own supper we drove around the park. We didn’t do much walking—since Debby was getting tired. Came back to the tent and got to bed around 10. Θ

Tuesday, 27 May 1969

Up about 6:30. Rather chilly, but very clear. We were able to get dressed and everyone fed with no discomfort. Our main concern in the morning was to see the Old Village—swarming with kids. Before this excursion we had to go into the town of Mitchell to have the brakes checked. We came back to the tent after seeing the village—had lunch, tried to nap briefly; but [at] 3:00 we were out sightseeing again. We went hiking and visiting caves—Donaldson Cave was the most spectacular. After this we came back to the tent; I shaved; we all took bathers.[sic] Bonnie fed Debby, then we went to the Spring Mill Inn for supper—not an extraordinary meal—and a very busy waitress. Stopped briefly at Lake—back to tent; Debby to bed; chatted with neighbors, off to bed by 9:45. Θ

Wednesday, 28 May 1969

Up about 7:00. We busied ourselves getting ready to leave—feeding, packing, etc. We were finally on the road a little after 9:00. Stopped in Mitchell to get some throat tablets—I was getting a sore throat. We then got on the road again, and pulled into Centerville about 1:00. I was very hungry, so I ate too much—so had to nap for a while after eating! In the afternoon Bonnie and I went over to grandpa’s harness shop—took several pictures. Also looked at some campers outside his shop—for sale by the boating shop next door. Late in the afternoon I went to the laundromat at the west of Centerville—took about an hour. We had supper when I got home; watched news; went over to Bonnie’s parents’ house on Plum street, got rocking chair out of attic; went to grocery; home, showed slides, off to bed after bathing—about 11:00.

Thursday, 29 May 1969

David with Debby, Spring 1969

Up at about 6:30—had breakfast, shaved, loaded the car—left Centerville after 9:00, but stop in Richmond to buy film—so we didn’t get into Ohio until about 10:00. But we were to the other side of Columbus by 12:00. Stopped for lunch at the first rest area east of Columbus. We were on the road again by 1:00.  Made good time—arrived in Wheeling, W.V., about 3:00. Stopped at the Fostoria Glass outlet, bought one piece; headed on to Pittsburgh—arrived at Lee and Mary [???] apartment about 5:00. Unloaded the car; had supper. Visited. About 8:00 we all went out to see the city. Drove to several places, especially to outlook points. Took some pictures. About 10:00 we came back to the apartment. We visited, then showed a few of our slides to show the difference between instamatic camera + ours. Bathed; off to bed about 12:30.

Friday, 30 May 1969

Up about 7:00. Breakfast, shaved, packed—we left the Weber’s apartment after 9:00. We were away from Pittsburgh by 10:00—but it was a long tiring drive today. Didn’t get hot until after noon; we went to Exit 20 on the Penn. Turnpike, and much of that highway is in poor condition. At exit 20 we left the turnpike to get Route 30 to go through the Penn. Dutch country. Unfortunately we were in too much of a hurry to see the area properly, but we did get some pictures. We pushed on toward Philadelphia—our destination: the home of dad’s cousin, Joyce FitzRandolph. She had mailed directions to us, so we had no trouble finding her house—arrived there about 6:35. Unloaded the car, fed Debby, then sat down to supper ourselves. We had a very pleasant evening together, discussing Europe and the family tree. Also took pictures; bathed about 11:00, off to bed about [blank].

Saturday, 31 May 1969

5th anniversary  Up shortly after 7:00; packed, shaved, breakfast, loaded the car. We left Joyce’s place about 9:00; made relatively good time. We had no trouble whatever getting through New York City. By noon and we were well north of the city. Stopped for our lunch in Connecticut. We had good traveling weather, and made good time. We arrived here in Rockport just a few minutes before 5:00. Unloaded car, took Virginia home, went to the Anchor Inn to get clam plates, brought them home; we ate supper while ploughing through the pile of mail. Phil Parker came over at 7:00 to discuss Children’s Day service for tomorrow; when he left we looked at the slides which have arrived. After this I worked on the bulletin; 9:30 went to Patriquins; had to break in the house through cellar—front door jammed; took photos of the moon; bathed; off to bed, lights out 12:30.

Sunday, 1 June 1969

Up about 7:30. Had to make final preparations for church. Allen called. Small breakfast, shaved—after a trip to the church about 8:00 to change wayside pulpit. Returned to the church about 9:30. Today was Children’s Sunday, so I had very little to do in the service. We began 10 o’clock service today. Home by 11:15. Fixed lunch after going for bread and milk. After lunch drew with red marker on the map the course of our trip. Was very sleepy, weary. So I napped most of the afternoon. Didn’t get up until about 5:00 and felt pretty groggy. Worked on photographing the map I have marked, then began work on the “title slide”  for the slides of the trip to Indiana. Ate about 6:00. At 7:00 I had to go to Riverdale for C.A.M.P. meeting. This was over before 9:30. Took Gladys Haskell home and we chatted in the car for quite a while; stopped at the church, youth still meeting; came home; viewed slides; bathed; off to bed; lights out c. 12.

[1] This was the dormitory where I lived at I.U.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/07/davids-diary-may-26-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – May 26, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Drove to several places, especially to outlook points” I kinda remember that.

    “Worked on photographing the map I have marked, then began work on the “title slide” for the slides of the trip to Indiana.” I remember that map. Getting all set to bore the neighbors again!

    That photo of you and me was taken in the upstairs bedroom.


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