David’s Diary – June 2, 1969

Monday, 2 June 1969

Debby took her first step this evening at Patriquins.  Debby was awake at 6:30, but didn’t protest too much being ignored and till 8:30—when I finally got up. I spent my morning working on the title slide and preparing for the Board of Ministry interview. Ate about 11 o’clock and shaved. Left for Needham about 12:15—arrived at Carter Memorial Church at 1:20. They were running behind. They didn’t see me until 2:30. They voted not to ordain Me Elder—rather will accept me on probation from S. Indiana conference. I was home—rather disappointed—by 4:15. Went to work again on the slide. In the late afternoon and evening Bonnie and I began to realize how tired we are from the vacation. We fixed supper—I made corn-bread. But the early evening was lethargic; I finished the slide; we went for a walk—stopped at the Patriquins; home by 10:30; bathed; off to bed; lights out, Θ+

Tuesday, 3 June 1969

Up about 8:30. After a small breakfast my attention for most of the day was on my desk and putting it in order. In the morning I also typed up the minutes of the Sunday evening C.A.M.P. meeting. Bonnie went shopping in the afternoon after we had lunch; I stayed home with Debbie; she wandered around tirelessly in the bedroom while I work in my study. She stood alone today for 5-10  seconds. At four o’clock I went to the church to see the man who will be our new organist; Winnie Gamage was there too.  Then Bonnie + Debby + I drove over to Ornes—but they weren’t back from vacation yet. So we dropped in to see Hazle +  Barbara Lord. We were home by six; had supper, watched some TV, played with Debby. In the evening I went back to work at my desk. At 9:00 watched NBC news program. Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT; worked on cleaning out my file; bathed; off to bed; lights out 11:41.

Wednesday, 4 June 1969

Up about 9:00, had a big breakfast; called Bishop Mueller’s office in Indianapolis re: transfer of membership to NE Conference. Then I had to call Bishop Mathews office in Boston. Worked at desk after going to post office with letter for Mueller. After mail came I began mowing, stopped to eat about 12:30. Went back to the mowing—a major job since the grass was pretty tall. Finished at about 3:00. Shaved, got cleaned up. We all went over to Gloucester for passport photos; took drive around Rockport; stopped to see the Ornes who are just back from vacation. Home about 5:30. Supper, TV; worked in yard. At 8:00 the Busseys came over—we visited. At 9:00 I took the VW over to Roy Lee. Sue drove me home. We saw some of the Bussey’s slides, then we showed them ours—including those of vacation. They left about 11:30 – off to bed; lights out c. 12.

Thursday, 5 June 1969

The kittens, 1969

Θ  before arising at 9:00. A slow morning; after a small breakfast did more puttering around my desk. Today is one of my main projects was the removal of a stump out in the yard. I worked at it off and on during the day with both fire and chopping. The mail man brought two more boxes of slides—we viewed them immediately, and then ate a good lunch. After lunch I worked further in my study and photographed the kittens. In mid-afternoon Allen Federick came over to vacuum his car and did more chopping on the stump; we had tea +  discussed theology. He left before supper. We had our supper, and relaxed; I went to the post office with a roll of film and to the store for milk. We discussed plans for Europe. About 9:00 we went down to Patriquins to watch the movie which we got back today with the slides; we came home about 10:30. Bathed; off to bed, lights out 11:50.

Friday, 6 June 1969

Up about 9:00; tried to work after breakfast on my sermon, but didn’t have much luck. Mail man came with another box of slides—which I projected—Bonnie was off doing dry cleaning. I then started [to] read I. F. Stone, what should also come. [1] Out of the blue Bob Peek drove up—his wife still in school. He stayed for lunch. Had to leave around 1:00. I shaved, went to the church to change the wayside pulpit, home again got to work on the sermon—made progress. Bonnie went on errands to Gloucester (picked up passport photos), after finishing most of the sermon I napped. Got up about 5:30, and started on preparations for supper. Bonnie arrived home, we had supper. Joseph + Dorothy Stoner arrived about 7:20. We visited and after dark showed our vacation slides. This was over about 10:00; snack; worked more on this sermon; off to bed; lights out 11:24.

Saturday, 7 June 1969

Off about 9:00. A rather lethargic day. Finished my sermon and did the bulletin in the morning. Also gave attention off and on to the stump—trying to set it on fire. Bonnie and Mrs. Stoner went off shopping. I got lunch—made corn bread. After lunch worked on the mower—Jim Bussey came over to borrow it. About 3:15 I went down to T wharf to meet Mr. Stoner on the boat (Winner III [???])  He had 3 big codfish (10,11, and 15 lbs.) he gave us one—filleted it for us. We had it for supper. The Stoners left about 5:20—we couldn’t persuade them to stay another day. Took pictures of his fish when we got back here to the house. Bonnie + I—as well as Debby napped after they left. I was up about 6:15—fixed supper—after supper I worked on the service, chatted briefly with Jim when he brought in mower back. Straightened up my desk after the service was all ready; surveyed German to be done; bathed, to bed lights out 12. Θ+

Sunday, 8 June 1969

Up about 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved, dressed. Left for the church about 9:30. Bonnie took Debby to the Lords for the morning since Vicky is at camp. Only about 30 in church; preached on the generation gap. After church we changed clothes and joined Alan Federick in his yard—Bonnie went for Debby. About noon we came home for lunch; I napped until about 2:30. At 3:00 went to the Den Mar nursing home to conduct service. Was home by 3:50. Unenthusiastically I set to work on German. Took a break after a while and played with Debby. We had supper around 6:00. I went to the church to see Jim Tanner about preaching for me 2 weeks hence. Came home, back to work on German. At 8:30 I went for a walk on Bear Skin Neck, took pictures. I was home, working on German again by 9:15. Knocked off after a while for a snack; bathed;  off to bed, lights out 11:55.

[1] I.F. Stone wrote a liberal newsletter; he was known for his criticism of the Vietnam war.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/08/davids-diary-june-2-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – June 2, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “They voted not to ordain Me Elder—rather will accept me on probation from S. Indiana conference.” I was ordained Deacon on 20 June 1965 in Indiana, so I guess they wanted to wait for the Elder ordination in N.E.–until I had served there a while. There are only two levels of ordination in the Methodist Church: Deacon and Elder.


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