David’s Diary – June 9, 1969

Monday, 9 June 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, was preparing to work on German, phone call from Harold Cramer’s office—he could see us this morning instead of at 2:00. So we got ready to go (shaved, e.g.) and left here about 10:30. Arrived at 581 Boylston about 11:40. Saw Cramer about insurance with the conference; after this we stop briefly at Cokesbury,[1] then went to the Open Latch for lunch; fed Debby there. Then went to BU to check on a few details; then drove to Government Center. Went to the JFK building to apply for passports. Didn’t take long. We were on way home by 2:30.  We stopped in Beverly to see about buying VW in Luxembourg [???]. We were home by 3:45. Relaxed, tried to nap briefly after reading mail. Read for a while in the book I got at Cokesbury: The Religion Business. Fixed supper. By 8:00 was at my desk working on German. Continued, with one break until about 11:00; bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:00.

Tuesday, 10 June 1969

Θ  before arising shortly after 8:00;  big breakfast, then got to the yard work—spent the morning mowing and clipping. Finished mowing—with one break—about 10:30. Then begin clipping the hedge around the front door. Was done with this by noon. Fixed lunch after going to the store for bread + milk. After lunch stretched out for a while; bushed after all the physical exertion. Actually slept a little. Shaved after getting up. Then we all went for a walk. The ocean was almost calm today and a very beautiful blue—so we went walking along the beach, took pictures. Stopped to see Kay—she came up to the parsonage to see the kittens. From 3:30–5:00 I worked on German. 5:00-6:30  worked on German with Allen at his place; supper; 7:30-8:00 wrote letter to Levon King; 8:00-9:00 visited with Willard Trafton at his home re: his mother’s funeral tomorrow; 9:00-11:00 worked on German; bathed; off to bed, lights out 12:05.

Wednesday, 11 June 1969

A full day; up at 8:00, had breakfast and got to work on German. Kept at it until about 10:30. Waited for the mail man, who brought the slides we’ve been hoping for. I set about sorting them—as well as all the vacation slides. Had lunch shaved, dressed. At 2 o’clock went to the Beach Grove Cemetery to do the committal service for Mrs. Trafton. Home by 2:10—worked further on sorting + numbering the slides, which turned out to be a major project—wasn’t done until about 4:30. Relaxed—read Newsweek. Worked on helping with supper, making cornbread and brownies. Bob and Nancy Peek arrived about 6:30. They had supper with us then we walked down to the end of Bear Skin Neck, then came back home; they left for home and we went to the Patriquins.  Gamages came over too—we showed all of our vacation slides—over 250. Enjoyed”mug-ups”—left for home about 11:15. Bathed, off to bed, lights out 12:12.

Thursday, 12 June 1969

Debby, Rockport, 1969

I was surprised to wake up and find it 9 o’clock; got up, had breakfast and got to work on German—my main concern for the day—spent all morning on it with only a short break when the mail man arrived. Stopped for lunch about 12:30. Shaved after lunch, then went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit. Got back to German after 2:00—worked until 4:00, then went down to the church again to see Winnie Gamage + Florence Lilya [?]—who will be our organist Sunday. 4:15 to 6:30 worked on German. Stopped for supper. 7:30 went back to the German to finish the paragraph I was working on; did about 3½ pp. today. We all went for a walk then (Debby on my back) along front beach. Didn’t stay out too long—too many mosquitoes.  We stopped at Patriquins about 9:00. Drue and Sully came in as we were leaving about 10:00; they came up to the parsonage with us to hear Tom Lehrer;[2] left c. 11:00; bathed; off to bed 11:50.

Friday, 13 June 1969

Woke up at 5:00 with very stiff and painful muscles high in the back + neck. Got back to sleep but c. 8:00 Bonnie got me heating pad + Ben Gay. Got up, had breakfast, went to work on German—but back still bothering me. About mid-morning Bonnie gave me an excruciating back rub, and that seem to cure it. Worked on German until I reached my stopping point about 1 o’clock. We had lunch, then I went to work on my sermon. It was mostly done by 3:00—at which time we all went over to Mals [???]—got some swim suits, and some groceries. Came home and then went to the beach—very cold—Debby cried. Bonnie went all the way in for a few seconds, but not I. We were back home by 5:30. Alan Federick arrived + we transplanted tree from Mrs. Parodis’  yard to ours. Supper about 6:30. Then worked on staking the tree. About dusk came in,  relaxed, bathed c. 10:00; to bed, Θ+ lights out 11:30.

Saturday, 14 June 1969

Up not too long after 8:00; had breakfast, then about 9:00—after watering the tree—got to work on German—worked with a few interruptions until after 12:00—reached the point I had set. After lunch I got the bulletins typed and run off. From about 12:00 until 3:30 I visited with the Hannibals at their home. I came home, chatted briefly with Becky Bussey who was just leaving, then went back to work in German—on a lesson in the grammar book—fell asleep at one point, but worked until about 6:00, then stopped to get supper + bake brownies. Supper was over at 7:30—Alan Federick came over about 7:45—we worked on German until about 9:00, then stopped for dessert—then viewed slides until about 10:30—at which time Alan went home. I busied myself then finishing up work on the service; bathed; off to bed; lights out 1 AM.

Sunday, 15 June 1969

Up about 7:30. Breakfast, shaved, dressed. Worked on German for about a half-hour—left for church bout 9:30. 28 in attendance—preached on worship. After service we showed the kittens to Dave, Winnie, etc. I went over to Alan Federicks to pick up my German grammar book. Had lunch about 12 o’clock. Left about 12:40 for Wesley Church in Gloucester. [This is incorrect: it was Worcester, see below.] Arrived there about 2:45. Worship began about 3:15 after brief opening session. Charlie Whitford went to the social concerns workshop with me. The first session, which was rather dull, lasted until 5:15—we had supper—Charlie + I ate together; chatted for a while with Bob Metzof (?) on the steps of the church. 6:15 session came to order again. Vietnam resolution approved which is objectionable. Kent Millard + I plan to organize to present an alternative proposal. Left Worcester after 8:00; home in Rockport by 10:05; relaxed, bathed, off to bed; lights out 11:35.

[1] Methodist bookstore.

[2] His satiric songs on record.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/09/davids-diary-june-9-1969/


1 thought on “David’s Diary – June 9, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “we showed all of our vacation slides—over 250” There are no words 😦

    “Came home and then went to the beach—very cold—Debby cried. Bonnie went all the way in for a few seconds, but not I.” Nope, not me…those cold June waters on the North Shore!

    It was that time of the year again: Annual Conference.


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