David’s Diary – November 3, 1969

Monday, 3 November 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. My main concern again today was Aramaic—and I got to it after breakfast. This occupied me until the mail came, and I spent some time with a long letter from Pat Harry—she’s had enough of Alan I think. Bonnie got home shortly after noon—I helped her get groceries into the kitchen. After lunch, shaved. Worked on Aramaic in the afternoon; called Margaret Reilly to tell her I’d heard from Pat. Had to extricate Debbie from the rungs of her rocking chair! Got supper ready for Bonnie’s return after 7:00. After eating I drove over to Lee’s; picked up Sue, came back to the house. She and Bonnie went to Community Chorus. Then she drove our car home—Roy will take it for checkup tomorrow. In the evening worked on Aramaic—9:30-10:00 listened to Nixon’s Vietnam address. A terrible speech; Nixon is a prisoner of obsolete ideology + stupidity. Worked on Aramaic til past 11:00; bathed; off to read in bed; LO 12:13. Θ

Tuesday, 4 November 1969

Up shortly before 8:00. After breakfast got to work on Aramaic. Had intended to do some work on Hebrew, I didn’t get to it. I had to be shaved and ready to take the 11:15 train to Boston—which I did. Got to BU about 1:00—ate lunch in Oxnam lounge. Then relaxed in the library before class. Aramaic from 2:00-3:00. Then I immediately left for N. Station—caught the 4:10 train. Was home by 5:30. Shortly after 6:00 Roy Lee arrived with the car. I then drove him home. I came home, helped Bonnie get meat ready to freeze, watched CBS news, had supper. After supper played with Debbie. Called Margaret Reilly to talk about Alan. She met him at Mal’s (Maria with him) he seems to be getting along well. My evening was devoted (though not too strenuously) to Hebrew. Stopped at 11:00 to bathe +  to listen to election returns; Lindsay won reelection in NY—very good; studied more briefly; OBLO, 12:20.

Wednesday, 5 November 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. After breakfast got to work on Hebrew. This took the whole morning; but I did take time to read I. F. Stone’s weekly when it came. Shaved about noon, had lunch, then left for BU, by car about 12: 50. ^ raining hard^  Got to BU just about 2:00; found a parking place on Commonwealth. Had Aramaic to 2:00–3:00. Then went to jewelry store and bought Bonnie some earrings (for pierced ears). Fixed the tea for seminar, which met from 4:00 to 6:00. Drove home—arrived about 7:20. Had supper—put one set of earrings on Bonnie’s plate—she was very pleased. After supper I played with Debbie, then put another pair of earrings on the headboard of the bed. Bonnie soon spotted them. About 9 o’clock we went down to Patriquins. But didn’t stay too long—we were home by 10:00; bathed, OB, Θ+, LO by 11:05.

Thursday, 6 November 1969

Didn’t sleep well, that was up by 8:30. After breakfast made ^ changed wayside pulpit^ a trip to Gloucester for air-mail envelopes +  typewriter correcting sheets. When I got home tended to letter writing, i.e., wrote to Pat Harry—rather this was in early afternoon, after lunch, that I finished the letter. Went to the post office, bought a copy of Playboy. After returning home, read in Playboy and also worked on preparing for Bible Class tonight. This took most of the afternoon. Played with Debbie for a while about 5:45  shaved, then went about getting supper and getting Debbie fed. ^CBS news^ When Bonnie got home about 7:15 we had supper. The Bible class I arrived about 7:50-8:00. Only 4 tonight besides Bonnie + myself. This was over by 9:30. Then I got to work on Hebrew—have a lots of catching up to do. Stop to bathe about 11:30. OBLO, 12:12.

Friday, 7 November 1969

Deborah’s moaning woke us at about 7:00 AM. So I went downstairs to sleep in the front bedroom—and was rather startled when I woke at 10:00! I got up and dressed and had breakfast, but felt terrible. Bonnie was up and felt horrible too. It took us quite a while to snap out of it. I got going on Hebrew after a while. Then before lunch I went out for milk and bread. Not too long after eating, Bonnie left for work. My afternoon was spent reading for the sermon. Read the book of Revelation and article in IDB. Fixed supper, Watch CBS news—had supper ready when Bonnie got home. After supper finished Revelation. Played with Debbie a while, then got to work collecting my thoughts for the sermon. Got out and re-read a paper on Rev. that I’d written in 1964 for Rawlingson. [1] Wrote part of sermon; stop; worked on Hebrew  OBLO 1:06.

Saturday, November 8, 1969

Up about 9:00. After breakfast, shaved. Then I got to work on Hebrew—after finishing what I set out to do, got back to work on my sermon. After a late lunch, finish the sermon, then got to work on the bulletins. Finished this about 3:00, then was occupied until about 4:00 with desk work. Then I went over to Loyd Starrett’s house to confer on youth group matters. Then went up to see Rip Hannibal—then to see Mrs. Patience; was back home by 5:30. Then worked at my desk until 6:30. Had supper. Played with Debbie briefly, then went to the church for the rehearsal—Drue + Sully’s wedding. This was over about 8:00—stopped by home to get Bonnie + Deb. We went to Patriquins for set-down buffet. I came home early with D.—she fell down and back stairs for 2nd time; scared the hell out of me, but she was OK; worked on service; bathed, OBLO 12:25.

Sunday, 9 November 1969

Up about 8:20—had breakfast, shaved. At 9:30 my class arrived—we dealt mainly with the story of Noah. Off to the church about 10:30. Preached on the Book of Revelation—met a new young couple—Jerry + Carol Lewis. We were home by 12:30. Ate lunch, then I went back to the church by 1:30  The wedding was at 2:00—Drue + Sully. After the ceremony we came home (Virginia Bate sat with Debbie),  then went down to Patriquins for the reception. Very crowded; took several pictures. I came home by about 4:00—utterly exhausted. Took a nap after Virginia left. Slept until about 6:30. Got up, had a small supper, took Virginia’s glasses to her at her apartment, went to the church briefly, stopped into Patriquins briefly—then came home. Worked on Hebrew—typing up my translation. Then shortly before 9:00 we went back to Patriquins (Debbie too). But we were home by 10:00. I got back to work on Hebrew, watched 11:00 pm news; more Hebrew; bathed; OBLO 1:08.

[1] One of my New Testament professors at BU.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/10/davids-diary-november-3-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – November 3, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” 9:30-10:00 listened to Nixon’s Vietnam address. A terrible speech; Nixon is a prisoner of obsolete ideology + stupidity.” The war lasted years longer than it should have. 😦

    “met a new young couple—Jerry + Carol Lewis” They ended up being in the diary a lot. Became good friends.

    ” The wedding was at 2:00—Drue + Sully.” I do remember that day….maybe because it was such a heavy rain….too bad for the wedding. 😦


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