David’s Diary – December 15, 1969

Monday, 15 December 1969

This has been a very full day—up about 9:30 after Θ—had breakfast, then we set about getting ready to go to Gloucester for shopping. I got several letters + cards ready to go, went to the P.O. while Bonnie was getting Debbie ready. Then I picked them up and we were on our way; at Mals bought a camping stove + picture frames for the photos of Debbie for Mrs. Myers. I went to Wades [?] while Bonnie got groceries. I got a diary for 1970 and poster paper. We had lunch after getting home. I got the pictures ready to go to Mrs. Myers. The packages from W. Laf. + Malaysia arrived. When Bonnie went to work my afternoon was spent making stencils for Hymnsing + Meth. Men mailings. Virginia Bate sat with Debbie while I went to the Ornes. At 6:00 I heard Nixon’s short speech, fixed supper. ^CBS news^ In the evening Bonnie went to Com. Chorus Exec. Board meeting; I worked on mailings; took pictures of Xmas tree; looked over the camping stove; bathed; OB to read; LO, 12:50.

Tuesday, 16 December 1969

Debbie 16 months old   Up about 9:20. Had breakfast, shaved. Got to my desk, took care of more letter writing, and began the huge task of getting my desk cleared off. Becky Bussey came over for a while to use Bonnie’s sewing machine. ^Alan Federick called!^ After the mail man had come—about noon—I went to the P.O. with bundles of letters—and a roll of film to Mail-A-Way. In the morning I finished off the roll on Qumran diagram + on Debbie. After lunch I got an article ready to go to the newspaper about the Xmas Eve service, took more pictures of Debbie. When I was ready to go, the car wouldn’t move—the emergency brake cable was stuck. Spent the afternoon at my desk—relaxed some. Ezra + Cameron had arrived back. Had supper about 6:30. In the evening I prepared my sermon schedule for Jan-May 1970. ^*took more photos of Xmas tree^ Bonnie was at church preparing for Sunday School Xmas play. I worked late, bathed  OBLO, 1:00.

Wednesday, 17 December 1969

Didn’t get up til about 9:30. Had breakfast—then I dropped off envelopes to be addressed to Mrs. Cooney, went for bread. About 10:30 we left for Dr. Kline’s office for Debbie’s 11 o’clock appointment. We saw the Dr. about 11: 40—were out by 12:00—he pronounced Debbie in perfect health—we did some brief errands, then returned home. After lunch I turned to getting stencils typed for my schedule of sermons and for the Xmas letter to the congregation. Then late in the afternoon I got them run off, got my room straightened up—by 6:30. Watched CBS news, had supper. At 7:30 Jerry and Carol Lewis arrived and spent the evening with us; we had a very pleasant visit. They went home about 11:00; I then signed and folded the Xmas letter, folded the sermon schedule; watched Johnny Carson’s show: Tiny Tim’s marriage, bathed; OBLO 1:40.

Thursday, 18 December 1969

Up about 8:45. First thing: picked up envelopes from Mrs. Cooney, came home, stuffed, sealed, stamped them. Had breakfast, shaved—then left for Gloucester—mailed the letters on the way. Got to Busseys about 11:00. Jim and I went to interview a young couple who want to get married while Jim is gone. After the interview stopped by Mals—then came home. Had lunch. Call from Margaret Reilly about Alan. Took Bonnie to work (Deb at Patriq.), went to see Alan—he was drunk; drove him to Rckpt + back (went to bank) came back to Rkpt, saw Margaret briefly, picked up Debbie, came home—started supper + cleaned up cat’s mess—Bonnie left cat box on back porch. Wally Aufrecht arrived about 6:00. Eliane Follis  didn’t come—I called her—she hadn’t received my letter. Wally left 10:45; watched news, made signs for Candlelight Service, OBLO 12:38.

Friday, 19 December 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. Shaved after breakfast. Finally got around to going downtown—took two Candlelight Service posters to have put in the windows. When I got back I spent the rest of the morning try[ing] to get a good sermon idea and sermon outline. Finally came up with something—but not really too great. After a late lunch this was still my main concern. Stretched out briefly about the time Bonnie left for work. Then back to the sermon. Such a large amount of time seems to have been spent on this with such meager results. About 5:00 I started working on supper. Don McGaw called about six: he + Lawry would be late. Bonnie got home somewhat early—shortly before 7:00. Don and Lawry got here about 7:30. We had supper.—spent the evening visiting, talking, listening to records, a very enjoyable evening; they left at 1:15—we prepared for bed; 1:35.

Saturday, 20 December 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then as soon as possible got to work on my sermon—made good progress in the morning. Mail man came late, but brought a box of slides, which we’ve viewed. After lunch, I worked on the sermon further; then fed Debbie while Bonnie was at the church. Then back to the sermon. Shaved about three when Bonnie got home, then went to Gloucester into the hospital to see a patient—home again very shortly; not too long after I arrived, Bonnie’s Xmas gift came in the mail, lucky I was home! We had supper around 6:00, then I was able to finish the sermon. At 7:30 Drue + Sully picked us up—and along with Kay + Les we went to Melrose to see the spectacular Xmas lights on private homes. ^ took several pictures^  Came  here, relaxed with them, had something to eat; they left about 11:00; then I did bulletin; prepared the service; bathed, OBLO 1:27.

Sunday, 21 December 1969

Half about 8:15—very much regretting my insufficient amount of sleep. Had only juice for breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon. Billy Elwell arrived at 9:30 for our class. Karen Haskell absent again. Left for the church about 10:45—almost 60 in church. This was a bad morning for Debbie; she fell and cut her lip—bled a lot, but alright. After we had our lunch we, relaxed, Θ—then napped. We found the Lamb-Omastram in a package left at the front door—with message: “Guess who is coming to dinner”—Mother has an accomplice here in Rockport! We didn’t get up until about five. Got some supper. I did some phoning about getting a German translation of the marriage ceremony. We went to the church at 6:30 for the Xmas party. I attended to Debbie much of the time. We got $36 in cash as a gift. After the party I went over to visit Judy Parker (broken leg). Returned home about 9:45—spent the rest of the evening with Lindblom’s Prophecy in Ancient Israel; bathed OBLO, 1:05.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/16/davids-diary-december-15-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – December 15, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “In the evening I prepared my sermon schedule for Jan-May 1970.” Old habits die hard. I’ve made my blog post schedule through June 2018. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “Tiny Tim’s marriage” It was quite a media sensation! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v8gloxeHOLk

    ” Then back to the sermon. Such a large amount of time seems to have been spent on this with such meager results.” I hate it when that happens!

    “This was a bad morning for Debbie; she fell and cut her lip—bled a lot, but alright.” It’s a good thing you stay away from church!

    “We found the Lamb-Omastram in a package left at the front door—with message: “Guess who is coming to dinner”—Mother has an accomplice here in Rockport!” This was a running joke for many years. When I was in high school mother had consented to watch an Alfred Hitchcock episode with RSY and me. But it turned out to be about a men’s club that, once a year, had a very special meal: which turned out to be one of the members of the club! The chef had called it Lamb Omastram! Mother was so disgusted she vowed never the watch Hitchcock again. But I then took a can of beans, dummied up a label to read, Lamb Omastram, “Have a Friend of Dinner.” I gave it to mother…and we kept giving it back and forth for years. 🙂


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