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Pyramids in Cairo

Letter transcription:

1964-03-10-gry-p-1March 10 – 1964

Dear David – Yours of Mar. 4 received today. I was glad to get your letter (naturally) and have the explanation in full about the Ins. In the first place, we increased the insurance because we didn’t think we were carrying enough and at the time we increased it nothing was said about you. I don’t know who got that bright idea, but I have a good idea that Prairie Realty will lose some business when we get back home. We are not at all happy about the way Prairie R. handled things – We think you and Mark did the only thing you could do under the circumstances. When we talked about leasing a Cadillac we discovered our insurance was not as much as a leasing company carries and that was what caused us to increase ours. I hope you can be in Chicago to meet us because we will want to go home. I hope you can meet us if it won’t make you late getting back to Bloomington. According to our plane schedules we are to arrive in Chicago at 1:50 p.m. You will have to check on that. Since it will be the end of your vacation it would probably be some time before you would be home again. In my last letter I asked you to run the sweeper and dust for me. We won’t be bringing much home with us but Mark says there is so much mail for us to go thru it will probably take us a day or so. We came to Cairo yesterday afternoon. We had a tour this a.m. and one this afternoon. We visited museum this a.m. and saw things that were taken from King Tut’s tomb. We did take some pictures. We think we will go back to the museum before we leave. We visited the pyramids and Sphinx this afternoon. We have a very wonderful view of the river Nile and city from our room and porch. After returning from our trip this afternoon we stopped in the coffee shop and had a ginger ale then came to our room. I washed my hair and set it and we have been enjoying the view while my hair dries. We can see pyramids from where we are sitting. I was a party “pooper” this afternoon – I wouldn’t take a ride on a camel. We did take a ride on an elephant in India and that as far as I am concerned was enough. There was a parade just went by. We had read in a newspaper that the King of Jordan is coming here to visit so maybe he was in the car that just passed. We visited with Uncle Floyd’s friend in Jerusalem Monday morning. He lives and works in Amman but he had some business in Jerusalem so we had a chance to see him and his wife about 2 hours. They took us to “The Garden Tomb.” It is a tomb that was discovered by an Englishman in recent years. We bought a book telling all about it. Some people believe it is the real tomb instead of the place that has been claimed by Catholic, Greek & Russians for centuries. We have asked Mark to take the mail home and if he hasn’t – you see that it gets taken out to the house. About the time again as to when we arrive – (on second thought) we will have to go thru customs so it may be late in the afternoon before we will be able to leave the airport. I presume we will go thru customs in Chicago. Our plane ticket says Paris to Chicago. You will just have to use your judgment about what to do. There is a high tower across the river from this hotel. We asked our guide what it was for – (there s a large TV tower we could see form hotel room in Tokyo and the Japanese are very proud of it because it is the tallest TV tower in the world) but this tower serves only for sightseers to go up and look out over the city. There are at least 1,000 mosques in Cairo. I will see what I can do for you

[page 2] when we get to Athens about Wari [worry?] beads. It is getting too dark to write and we are enjoying “the show” too much to go inside.

Love Mother


©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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