Those Places Thursday – Lassen

Lassen National Volcanic Park (2012)

A view of Lassen Volcanic National Park from the Cinder Cone trail in the Lassen National Forest. Photograph taken by the author Deborah Sweeney (2012).

My daughter was filling out a survey today and one question asked for her favorite place. Lassen was her answer. Typically we go camping there once or twice a year although we did not make a trip in 2013. Lassen is located in northern California and should you ever have the opportunity, it is worth the trip. It is less crowded than its more popular sister park Yosemite. One of the amazing geological treasures of this park is the volcanos. This National Park has all three types of volcanos within its boundaries: cone, shield, and composite. And it has only been 100 years since the last eruption. The area also features several active sulfur works.

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
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