School Grades

Yegerlehner, school grades - 1883-03-01

School Grade

The following is the General Average per cent (in the various branches) for the scholars of District No. 1, Harrison township, Clay county, Indiana.

Quillar Royer, 92; Edwin Goshorn, 85; George Yegerlehner, 95; William Bumgardner, 92; Otis Royer, 89; Ella Bumgardner, 84; James Ream, 86; Mollie Ream, 87.

John Yegerlehner, 89; Will Yegerlehner, 89; Robert Goshorn, 75; Pheny Royer, 76; Mary Zurcher, 75; Charles Yegerlehner, 80.


“School Grade,” The Democrat (Brazil, Indiana), 1 March 1883, p. 4, col. 2.

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      1. davidmadison1942

        Well, I suppose, as a government employee, his salary would be available…but publishing it in the newspaper seems a bit much. Salaries could be a lumped category. But, it was a different era.

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