1944-03-01 Fourth Endorsement USAT Willard A. Holbrook

Fort Mason,
San Francisco
1 March 1944
From: The Transport Commander
To: Lieutenant Roscoe S. YEGERLEHNER, MC-V (S), USNR
Subject: ORDERS

  1. Reported for transportation this date.
  2. Subsistance was furnished without cost to you.
  3. Proceed and carry out basic orders.
  4. Transportation completed 15 March 1944.

Lt. Col. TC
Transport Commander

USAT Willard A. Holbrook during WWII (Image courtesy of

There are no known surviving documents describing Roscoe’s return trip to the United States at this time. Since the trip originated in Auckland and concluded at Fort Mason, San Francisco, Roscoe crossed the equator and the international date line. One item which survived the journey was Roscoe’s membership card from the Domain of the Neptunus Rex. Roscoe described this ceremony in detail on his journey across the Pacific in 1942. While the card is undated, it bears the name of the ship USAT “WILLARD A. HOLBROOK.”

Domain of Neptunus Rex

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1 thought on “USAT “WILLARD A. HOLBROOK” (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Drat, the photo of the ship doesn’t appear. I did get it by right-clicking on the question mark in the middle of the blank where it was supposed to be.

    The Neptunus Rex card is wonderful. 🙂


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