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Those Places Thursday – Dolwyddelan Castle

Dolwyddelan Castle (Wales) - 1991-06-03

In June 1991, I spent three weeks with a backpack wandering around Wales, Ireland, Scotland and London. While in Wales, I explored many castles, including Dolwyddelan, in Conwy, northern Wales. This particular castle is off the beaten path although it is a popular site for hikers. Walking, or shall I say, hiking to the top of keep involves navigating through flocks of ranging sheep. I believe the day I was there I had the place to myself. The views from the top were stunning.

Dolwyddelan Castle (Wales) - 1991-06-03 #2

A view from the keep

Dolwyddelan Castle (Wales) - 1991-06-03 #3

Photographs taken by the author Deborah Sweeney

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