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Nothing New (Lentz)

V-mail, dated March 15, 1944

V-mail, dated March 15, 1944

Letter transcription:

E.T. Lentz
Comdr. (mc) USNR
Navy 133 BH4
FPO San Francisco Calif.
Mar. 15, 44

Lt. R.S. Yegerlehner (MC) U.S.N.R.

Hello Junior – Nothing new in medical staff, still intact except three promotions – Andy, Cath & myself as you can see by return address.

Well – by today you should have arrived and I imagine it was a momentous day when you set foot on U.S. continent. We were all thinking about you and several of us have gone so far as to say we miss “Yegie.” Maybe, I’ll be seeing you soon.

Your laundry was sent as promised and you should get it by ’45.

My extracurricular activities have not been deterred, am playing golf as much as ever but not better. Received 18 golf balls (12 were reprocessed – just like new).

Write when you can –

John W. made it
Porterfield also
See Alnav

[Editor’s note: ALNAV was a bulk communication and messaging system used by the Navy, a form of which is still in use today.]

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