World War II Veterans of Kentland (Part 1)

On my recent trip to New York City to see my father, I liberated his copy of the Kentland Newton County Centennial 1860-1960. The book contains pictures, stories and historical facts of Kentland, Indiana’s first 100 years.

Mrs. Rolland Ade wrote a piece titled “Kentland’s Participation in Wars.” Her summary of Kentland’s role in World War II states

“the home front again felt the many privations a war brings. We had sugar rationing and gas rationing and constant other reminders that we were at war. Kentland sons were again in army camps, and more and more were sent overseas.”

Mrs. Ade was correct. A large portion of Kentland’s eligible men (and a few women) served in World War II. The following is the first half of the list who served from Kentland:

Kentland's World War II veterans, part 1John Davis Ade
Kathryn Adair Ade
Ernest L. Anderson
Loyd Anderson
Alfred L. Apple
Charles C. Atwood
Wilford G. Bair
Delmo Baker
Claude M. Baker
J. Edward Barce
Ross Barr
Lonnie Beasley
Maurice D. Beckett
Daniel W. Bedinger
Samuel Beekman
Kenneth H. Beemer
William R. Beemer
Jesse E. Berry
Stillman S. Berry
Joe Bird
Edward Boldman
Frank Boldman
W.H. Bommershine
Jerimiah F. Bower
Maynard Bower
Raymond C. Bower
Richard J. Bower
William R. Bower
George H. Bowman
L. Carlin Brandt
Oris V. Brandt
Paul L. Branz
Lawrence Brees
W. McKinley Brees
Edward Britten
Paul J. Bruck
Kinnard J. Brunton
Wayne Bryant
Gerald Burge
Gerhard C. Burge
Glen E. Burton
Harold T. Burton
Keath S. Cady
Rolland R. Cady
Kenneth Cahill
Arvid J. Carlson
Reuben H. Carlson
Mathew C. Carton
Richard F. Carton
John J. Cassidy
Margaret Cassidy
Dale W. Center
James R. Chancellor
C. Vincent Clark
George K. Clark
Russell C. Clinton
Berle E. Cobb
Bert A. Cobb
Lowell A. Cole
Mary V. Cole
Robert G. Cole
Ralph E. Collen
Harold B. Collins
Gene Earl Cook
Jack Dean Cook
Richard R. Cooley
Glen R. Corbin
William J. Corbin
John R. Couch
Everett S. Cripe
Raymond G. Cripe
Delmar Curtis
Charles D. Daley
Bernard L. Datzman
James P. Datzman
Joseph A. Datzman
Andrew Dean
Richard DeLay
Charles E. DeLay
Vernon DeLay
Dwight L. Dennis
Delmar Denton
Walter E. Dewing
Edward J. Dieter
Howard Dolch Jr.
Carl J. Donahue
Oren W. Dowling
Lawrence A. Dunn
Marian C. Dunn
W.R. Duttenhaver
George W. Dye
James Dye
John R. Dye
Ernest Eason
John Eason
Russell D. Edwards
Charles P. Egan
James J. Egan Jr.
John J. Egan
Richard E. Egan
John K. Eiler
H. Mervin Ferguson
Lyman U. Ferguson
Roscoe A. Fisher
Robert Fitzgerald
G. Raymond Floyd
William Floyd
Lawrence Ford
Lowell H. Ford
Merl J. Ford
James M. Friedline
John R. Funk
Louis Funk
George Fuhrman
Gord G. Gadson
Lee E. Gadson
Max Glick
Darold F. Good
Eugene L. Good
Carl M. Graeber
Don S. Graeber
Rolland A. Graeber
Robert C. Graeber
Charles Hadley
Ezzell Hafstrom
Perry S. Hafstrom
Donald W. Hall
Duane A. Hall
Robert L. Hall
Parker D. Hancock
Chris B. Hanson
Gunnar Hanson
John C. Harlan
Bert W. Harrolle
Dallas C. Harvey
Robert C. Harvey
Andrew L. Haste
W. Kenneth Haste
Charles V. Hazel
Bluford L. Healy
Roy Heider
Delmar L. Henderson
L. Earl Henderson
Preston Henderson
Ralph Henderson
William J. Hendry Jr.
Howard W. Henry
Robert C. Hogle
William R. Hogle
Richard F. Holland
Morris W. Holley
R.S. Holloway
Robert Holloway
Robert Holmberg
Donald W. Hoover
Rolland M. Hoover
Martin F. Hopkins
Annabelle Hufty
H. Edson Hufty
Lyle Hunter
Bernard Hutchinson
Charles Hutchinson
Henry Jager
Dale Jones
Jesse Jones Jr.
Kenneth Jones
T. Arthur Kenney
Orville W. Kight
George D. Kindig
Lester Kindig

4 thoughts on “World War II Veterans of Kentland (Part 1)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Quite a few of these names are familiar to me. In 1960 the war was only 15 years in the past, so still a vivid memory for most.

  2. Mustang.Koji

    Seeing lists like this really opens ones eyes on how vast this war was. This is an incredible number of young men and women serving from such a relatively small community compared to L.A. About 20 young Nisei boys from our Buddhist church alone were KIA as part of the 442nd.


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