The demise of Cub Thirteen (Roscoe)

While going through Roscoe’s military papers, I found the above orders. I dutifully filed them away until I got to the point in the letters when they occurred. I kept thinking Roscoe was going to move soon but whenever I browsed ahead in the letters, there did not seem to be any mention of a move. So I kept waiting to see what was going to happen and, of course, it was right there in the December 10th letter. Roscoe didn’t go anywhere but Cub 13….

Letter transcription:

Nov. [Dec] 10, 1942

Dear Mother,

Writing Just after noon day chow and just after hanging out my laundry so you know I have those harsh red hands of a wash woman. If the things get dry will have to do the ironing later but it is a little cloudy and in the next 5 min. it may be raining but so far today not even a sprinkle. All morning it has been hot without much breeze and we are just getting to the middle of the hot weather.

We had a double feature last night at the show. The first one was something about some Rides Again and the second was “The Letter” – Both were fair. The first was a shooting show while the second was an English show and not too good. I suppose there will be at least one tonite. It rained some during the show last night but not enough to stop the show.

So far today no mail but we always

[page 2] have the afternoon delivery to look forward to. Dr. Porterfield got a package from home this morning but that was about all that came in for any one of us. It was mailed sometime in October so it looks as if mine should be coming along pretty soon. He got writing material, a non breakable mirror, a knife and other things, but the mail is so heavy now I suppose all will be slow even the regular mail and air mail. Up to now the latest mail I have was Nov. 24 and that came 6 days ago.

Well, it begins to looks more than every as if we will be stationed here more or less permanent. That is the three of us along with 2 dental officers. The remains of the now defunct Cub 13. It’s a long story and shouldn’t be gone into in much detail at this time, but it seems our once proud and hauty group of Medical men have been scattered “hither & yon.” And

[page 3] as I stated before there are worse places so we will just have to be satisfied and hope for an early end to activities.

Since I started this letter I’ve been to town and back and I believe the foliage on the trees gets more beautiful each time I see them. Saw some vines growing over an arch way with two kinds of blossoms both very deep in color but different shades of red.

You never did send Jim’s address. You said he wrote asking about the boys Christmas presents etc. but never did say anything about where he is and I’ve asked for his address but you didn’t send it – probably it has been sent in some of your missing letters.

Well, I’ll try to write better tomorrow as this has been cut up pretty much

Love Daddy

P.S. got a letter from Ruth M. – That is a Christmas greeting card and letter combined Dated Nov. 27

©013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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4 thoughts on “The demise of Cub Thirteen (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    I think he means Destry Rides Again…which I believe he has mentioned before–and you posted a clip from. Not sure why he thought that “The Letter” was an English film. That trailer is a terrific sample of Hollywood hype! Work getting it on NetFlix!

    “as I stated before there are worse places so we will just have to be satisfied” ….I wonder how far he was from combat.

    “it begins to looks more than every” should read “it begins to look more than ever”

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      I know he mentioned Destry Rides Again in the past but I didn’t think it likely he was talking about the same movie so soon. There are several movies with “Rides Again” in the title that I did not want to guess at which one it might have been.

  2. Catherine

    This is a first for me. I wasn’t able to watch the vid and received the following advice…
    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” hmmm… “State Secrets??? 😀


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