Six month anniversary (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Just six months ago today we were leaving Moffitt Field. We sorta call it an anniversary of a type which means just that many months behind as far as foreign service is concerned. What the total length of time for that kind of service will be isn’t definitely known but this much is certain it’s that many months behind.

Yesterday one of the officers had a birthday and we had a little celebration with turkey and birthday cake for supper. That was only the officers in Ships Co. Just a little celebration in our own family. It make it pretty nice to have a small group like that. Seems more friendly etc.

[page 2]I told them my birthday was past and there was no celebration but if they wanted to it would be OK. There hasn’t been any advances in that direction as yet.

Our mail seems to be a little on the sluggish order again it being several days since any of value has drifted in. We have high hopes but after the mail times we are generally pretty much on the low order but hopes pop up by the time of the next delivery and then flop down again. I’ve almost gotten myself to the place where I don’t get my hopes built up.

We sure do look forward to the show, however, and are as anxious as, and in fact we remind me of

[page 3] how the sisters at the hospital used to look forward to and talk about the shows they would have while I interned there.

Helen Kline’s husband has been with me at several shows I take him in our section as a guest. We have a little better seats than the others and I’m allowed a guest. So why not?

Today’s letter is like pulling teeth – nothing to write about and not too much energy to write even if there was something.

Later – Show over. “Beyond the Blue Horizon” Dorothy S. & Jack Haley. South Sea Island picture. “puey” mothering like that around here although one of the mountain scenes with the red dust etc did look something

[page 4] like one of the mountains we saw yesterday. This picture was all in color hence the similarity.

Your letter of Jan 9. Came today. In it you told of not being able to send packages. That of course we knew but it that letter would have come thru I think it would have been our first knowledge of such. That letter didn’t help much since your letter of Jan. 19 came several days ago (v-mail). Hope you continue to write v-mail because it will be the fastest I’m sure, but write air mail also if you are allowed to. Well, hope this mail today was a forerunner of more to come anyway

Lots of Love

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Six month anniversary (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “There hasn’t been any advances in that direction as yet.” LOL

    Well, this is an interesting glimpse of history that I never suspected: “…the sisters at the hospital used to look forward to and talk about the shows they would have while I interned there.”

    “puey” mothering like that around here ; should read “puey” nothing like that around here…..


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