One Place Study

This month I had to create a locality guide for my ProGen monthly assignment. I chose Clay County, Indiana, the birthplace of my grandfather Roscoe. Over the years I have collected quite a bit from this Indiana county, and I have decided to share what I have collected. There is now a Clay County button at the top of the page. The main page contains the bulk of the information I gathered for the locality guide. At this point I have added one sub-page for a photo gallery. I will eventually add another page for biographies of Clay City and Harrison township residents.

Check out the photo gallery so far, and come back often as I will be updating the galleries as time allows.

I have also registered my website as the official Clay County One Place Study.

4 thoughts on “One Place Study

  1. davidmadison1942

    History really does depend on the historian! What you are are bringing together, preserving and sharing is AMAZING!

  2. EmilyAnn Frances

    I hope many local historians as well as family historians find your contributions of great assistance. Such information really brings a locality to life, especially when the descendants have never been there and live in other parts of the country.

  3. alesiablogs

    Hello, I have a question for you. I have a german friend that has letters her mother wrote to her father who was in the war. They remind me of yours but of course with a different perspective. They are like love letters and also every day happenings in the family. Many of them are lost, but there are enough that I think there would be an audience for them…The german husband was killed and never came home . Would you have some suggestions on what I can tell her about how she can get them published? She lives in the states for over 50 years now. Her mom passed away without ever remarrying. Thx for any insights I could give her. Alesia


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