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Officer’s Club (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Jan. 29, 1944

Deat Mother,

Just another of those lazy Sat. P.M. and I can’t see why it should seem any different but it does. Tonite we are to have an unofficial opening of our officer’s club and I suppose there will be some who drink too much or at least plenty and I might be one. Yes, you are right you’ll have to take me in hand but don’t get alarmed I’m not too bad.

Yesterday in the first part of that letter I think I sounded

[page 2] a little sarcastic, disgruntled or something but I didn’t mean to do so. It’s just that one sorta gets fed up sometimes at nothing in particular. Just like any human whatever the circumstances so don’t pay any attention be me as Sister used to say.

Your air mail of Jan. 12 just came and your v-mail of Dec. 23 also came – Mark’s thank you v-mail came also. The 5 above weather sure sounds cold. In all possibility it will not get as cold this year as last at least for not such a long period.

This being Sat. I’ll conclude on Sunday and get the two together –

[page 3] Sun Morn.

The officer’s club opened and it wasn’t so bad nor it wasn’t so good anyway I don’t have a hangover and that is something.

Today is the regular time to write the folks but I don’t believe I’ll mention the officers club etc. They might not understand.

Chow this noon will be chicken instead of beef. Personally I prefer beef because it’s the big thick steaks but I guess they don’t ask me what they will serve.

Just happened to think. You mentioned Irene in your letter – I don’t think as I told you before she has anything

[page 4] organically wrong but she is just not cut out to do work of that kind – She needs plenty of activity but not responsible every day grind type, but again that is a long distance diagnosis. She must be pretty desperate going from one Dr. to another. Why white about her when it’s you I’m interest in? Hope you can get along the next few months as well as you have this winter so far. And I hope you can have your own private Dr. If hoping does any good I’d be there now I “betcha.”

Love Daddy


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