At Last I landed (Lentz)

[Editor’s Note: Dr. Edmund T. Lentz was one of Roscoe’s oldest Naval acquaintances. They both arrived together in Norfolk, Virginia, and shared a room during the early summer of 1942 at Mrs. Evans boarding house. They were shipped out to Noumea, New Caledonia, in August 1942 as part of the CUB 13 unit. During the fall of 1942, Dr. Lentz and Roscoe parted ways when Dr. Lentz was shipped to another location. They were reunited in Wellington, New Zealand, at Base Hospital #4, for a few months before Roscoe was shipped out first.]

Letter transcription:

July 2 44

Dear Roscoe – Well, at last I landed in U.S.A. – Thursday nite – an am quartered in this hut until notified of my assignment which I expect to be in a few days.

Was out to dinner with Frank Olrich last

[page 2] nite and today when I called Jim Graeser of Cub 1 Hosp. – he notified me that they are having a Cub 1 shindig or reunion tonite so I will be off to the Races in an hour or so.

Frank gave me your address – why the hell didn’t you write?

Had quite a time at the Pool les Bateaux

[page 3] then drove up from there to Auck. – in the meantime had 7 days leave, spent at Rotarua.

Hope to see you if I can – I expect to go by train, don’t like flying; flew part way up, got stuck for 12 days in N., waited for ship.

[page 4] I can wire you when I get to Chicago – how about it?

Quite a place – this country – but hell to be a stranger or a serviceman I can see that.

Well – cheers
Regards to the family

946 Duncan Ave
Yeadon, Pa.

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “At Last I landed (Lentz)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “an am quartered” should read “and am quartered”

    “why the hell didn’t you write?” Ha! We know that wasn’t one of Roscoe’s favorite things to do.

    “Pool les Bateaux” interesting. Literally: Pool the boats.


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