Last from Lentz

1945-05-06 (ETL) envelopeLetter transcription:

1945-05-06 (ETL), p. 1May 6, 1945

Yegie – Such a quick response deserves a prompt reply. You are doing much better – are you striking for the ½ stripe?

Not much news – but it is my weekend on duty with no one but the maintenance crew – dammit and the C.O. is not very gracious about giving us the PM or evening on Sundays when there is no work. Hell and damnation – you know the old Regular J.I. Navy. Can you imagine a Chief and 2 Ph. Mates on dates & a Med. Officer.

Only news I have is that Bob O’Donnell is now in Recruiting Duty in Jacksonville, Fla. Tues. to Sat. they leave Jax for Fort or Camp Blanning 40 miles away at 0800, back at 1600. Sat. 1300. Nothing to do until Tuesday. (Three M.D.’s & 3 corpsmen). Howard Witter is exec. after being on similar duty at Jackson, Miss. They have 1 night of duty every 5 or 6 weeks – shove patras. What do you think of that for duty.

MacClatchie is still in Brazil – John is still in USNH Phila.

1945-05-06 (ETL), p. 2[page 2] Looks like there will be a break up or a lessening of activities everywhere since the collapse in Europe. Perhaps you will be going to China with me. Looks like V-12s, etc., will not be called anymore – will there? What do you think they will do with you? Have you applied for any P.G. work or do you “wanta go ho-o-o-me!)

Met Mr. Beard – remember the transportation officer at Base 4. He is on duty at the Navy yard.

Heard from New Zealand today – all is well. The “old lady” still carrying on at B/casting.

Listen, bub, if I am encouraging you to write too often or too much, let me know or just procrastinate but don’t fail to tell me when you get orders.

May go to Wash. D.C. any day – waiting for Truman to call me. – No kidding, I mean to go soon as arrangements here can be made. We can’t get a relief so it would mean one man has to stay on all the time (26 hrs. a day).

Regards to family – don’t work too hard (Kia Ora) –

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Last from Lentz

  1. davidmadison1942

    “shove patras” I think this is actually “shore patrol” 🙂

    “Perhaps you will be going to China with me.” Surely not a welcome idea!

    Again, so many references here it could take hours of research to figure them all out.


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