Fayette Friday – Eudora Scofield, February 4, 1882

Letter transcription:

Bloomington Ill. Feb 4th/82
Miss Lena Scofield
“On the Hill, Ind.”

Dear Aunt: This is Saturday eve. “Wont it seem quear,” to write on this day of the week. If I was there it would be so different: from this but I generally go to the “Wesleyan” on Friday eve. and on Saterday after noon I spend my time in library so in evening I half [have] to study my S. School lessons. Then we live twelve blocks from “Court house,” which being so far. It is not safe for young lady to go out alone. I have given

[page 2]  up all hopes of ever getting to live back there. You must come out the first chance “you get” to see me. John ever told you I had a fellow—is mistaken—“I think.” I will confess thought that I do think very much of a friend here. “He is a daisy.” But when I get a fellow I will let you know. I go once in a while with young men to church and concerts. And when I go to socials I think very much of some one in Ind. “You can guess.” I was so glad to hear from you and your letters are liked better [by me] than any letters I get from Connersville for you tell me about persons I like there. Tell Ella Enyart Thomas I would eat her

[page 3] baby up if I only could be near enough. I always liked Ella and will remember her as often as I get a chance. You ought not to let C.L. win some body else heart. I know that house is large enough for you & him. “Well some girls are hard to please.” Did you ever speak a good word to D.L. for me. I want you too. (Oblige me) (Just once) When do you ever see R.H.S.? Next time you speak to him please tell him my address is “808 South Lee St. Bloomington Ill” Also I send best wishes and regards. O if you was here how we could talk. I don’t much anymore. You would not know if you was where I could be in view—or hearing

[page 4] distance. Well by site you would but by my voice. I cannot be gay here although I have acquaintances that are very nice and sociable girls. I left there when just in my brightest years or the beginning of my brightest years—and before in full glance they were blasted. So now I feel very much like I would like to live back there but no one here knows it so it is and will be I suppose. I don’t like to write since came here, for I would rather talk with you sometimes I try to write and get to feeling so bad I cannot finish my letter so this is the way letters are left.

[page 5] unanswered. Hope to hear from you as often as you can find time to write. What did you get for a Christmas present? I did not get anything only what I made. O yes Minnie made me a collar and during Hollidays I clerked at the Liberty mine de. store [?]. Then made myself a new black cashmere dress for New Years present—it is the first new dress I have had since come to B. except one gingham dress. Ma went out riding last Thursday and seen more than she has since came here. She went out west—the city where she had a view of the Fair grounds and passed car shops

[page 6] The Western “Depo”—Nearby is one [of] the largest flour mills & miller “there” I am interest by. He is twenty four. How do you think you would like a miller? Ma then rode north—went pass the “Stand pipe” and took a view of “Normal City.”  She then drove south to the “grave yard” drove through it. She said it was a beautiful place, laid in a natural forest, and the most magnificent monuments stood there. It is some place I have never been yet. Last summer we had so much sickness that we did not get out any place. When you come to see us we will go up to the stand pipe and over to “Normal,” could go for three weeks and not see all. I hope ou will come out to see us soon. I am

[top page 5] waiting patiently. Give my love to all persons who inquire of me and the best love I send to you. “Answer soon”

Your Niece
Eudora Scofield

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/22/fayette-friday-eudora-scofield-february-4-1882/

1 thought on “Fayette Friday – Eudora Scofield, February 4, 1882

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Saterday after noon I spend my time in library” 🙂

    “O if you was here how we could talk.” 🙂

    “I try to write and get to feeling so bad I cannot finish my letter” 😦


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