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Lena’s Postcards #80 – Balzora Scofield

[Postmark: Sharpsville, Indiana, 1 February 1917, 8 PM]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, R. Route 2.—, Connersville, Indiana

Dear Sister. We were
greatly pleased by your
gifts X’mas & my B.D.
card. Laura has been
in wretched health, keeping
our attention here, but I
think of you all—& am so
glad to hear. Frank looks
young for his years—but is
not strong. Failing—He
& Laura send Love—as
does your Loving Sister

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Lena’s Postcards #79 – Balzora Scofield

[Postmark: Sharpsville, Indiana, 7 April 1917, 12 M]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, R.R. No 2, Connersville Ind.

With love—
and hopes that
all is well with
you. As usual

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Lena’s Postcards #49

Sharpsville, Indiana, December 24, 1917

Addressed to:
Mrs. J.W. Hackleman
R. Route 2

Dear Sister Lena, We have looked to hear from you for months. Maybe it’s as hard for you to write as for me. Life is hard these days and all three growing old & in poor health. Would be glad very glad to hear from you. We join in sending love & Christmas wishes –
Lovingly Bal

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Lena’s Postcards #48

Denver, Colorado, December 22, 1917, 5:30 PM

Addressed to:
Mrs. John Hackleman
R.R. no. 2

Dear Sister Lena & John,
Trust this will find you in the midst of very pleasant Season. Been long time since hearing from any of the Home folks. All here – Leslie, Jessie & Ruth are quite well – Baby is sure some girl – will soon be year old.
All join in love to Both

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Lena’s Postcards #47

Marion, Indiana, December 21, 1917, 11 AM
Addressed to: Mrs. Lena Hackleman
R.R. near Harrisburg

Dear Lena: –
I am still tasting that delicious ham you send me this Summer by Mother. I appreciated it if I am slow saying so. With Christmas greeting to you and Mr. H.

Although Louise did not sign her last name, I am fairly certain that Louise was Louise (Updegraff) Wiles, one of Lena’s nieces. “Mother” would have been Lena’s older half sister, Cecilia (Scofield) Updegraff Hargrove. Cecilia and Louise lived for many years in Marion, Indiana.

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