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A Good Excuse (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

July 21, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran Calif.

Dear Mother,

Along with your letters yesterday came one each from Harry Storm, Wayne W. and Ruth M. Ruth of course told me of the boys visiting and yours telling of the visit – both came the same day. The finances as you described them will be bolstered by the check I sent on the 17th of July. That last part was just a way of me telling you that I had sent the check.

So far today I have had no love tangles or problems to give advice on. Maybe won’t have anymore because those things always run in pairs and spells.

I’m out in the yard again where the flies are bothersome but won’t be long because it doesn’t take Cartwright long to do what he has to do.

You said you had seen John Krull – seems like he has only been in the forces for a short

[page 2] time but I guess long enough for leave. Maybe like the short leave I had just about one year ago. You haven’t mentioned Jim for some time. The last time you said he was expecting a leave and intimated he might be getting ready to light out for some place. I never did write to him because all address I got were so far behind I always felt he would be miles ahead of where I’d write – A good excuse don’t you think? And I’m really thinking up lots of excuses these days because after writing one person I forget what I wrote the last time and I’m afraid or repeating. Of course I know I repeat a lot to you but we understand.

I’ve been writing this now for about 3 hours with this and that coming up to cofe confuse so I really can’t be expected to be romantic but by trains of thought being broken into frequently so I just say

Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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