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H. I. Hester

August 3, 1945

August 3, 1945

Letter transcripton:

August 3, 1945
Dr. R. S. Yegerlehner
324 West Kansas St.
Liberty, Missouri

Dear Dr. Yegerlehner:

It is with sincere regret that I have learned of your being transferred from our Navy school to another service. I should like for you to know how much we appreciate the exceptionally fine service you have rendered here on the campus. You have done your work quietly and pleasantly. I think it has been an exceptional contribution you have made. You have been so cooperative and helpful in your contacts with us.

I have heard from many people expressions of regret that you are leaving the community. You and your family have made a fine place in the life of Liberty and all of us regret to lose you.

I regret that it will not be possible for me to be at the picnic given in your honor tomorrow. An engagement made some weeks ago makes it necessary for me to be in Springfield at that time. Mrs. Hester will be there and will be happy to greet you.

With warmest regards,
Sincerely yours,
H. I. Hester


[Editor’s note: H. I. (Hubert Inman) Hester was a Baptist minister. He was a professor of religion at William Jewell College. During Roscoe’s time in Liberty, Rev. Hester was the vice chancellor of the college. For more information on H. I. Hester, click here for his obituary. An excerpt of “the Tatler” with Dr. Hester’s photograph, click here. ]

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