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November 20, 1942 (Gladys) Part II

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 20 – 1942

Dear Daddy – I wrote one letter this afternoon but thought better get one started tonight because with going to Laf. [Lafayette] tomorrow don’t know whether I’ll have time to write in the morning. Otto Paul wrote to find out you [your] address. He wants to write you about the medicine he used to get from you. Do you remember I sent your address & told him it may take some time to get a letter to you & get an answer back, but I thought he could try. I wrote to Flickinger about the Ins. beneficiary addition and I have to send the policies in. I will send them tomorrow. Have the letter ready to mail.

I am going to leave the baby with Arlene tomorrow. That will be much simpler than trying to take him along. Mark is going to stay there too and help take care of Bobby so that will even the score some. Arlene told me that Bobby got some matches

[page 2] and struck them. He told her he didn’t even burn his fingers. I don’t know what she did with him but I know she wasn’t too pleased over the affair.

I had Newell Lamb witness the ins. papers that had to be sent in with the policies. He has a huge fleurscent [fluorescent] light in the front office. I asked him about the one you had in the back. Said it wouldn’t work then added that someone had snapped the switch by the front door – and of course it was turned off. They finally discovered what was wrong with the light. You remember the time Jean Gilmour turned off the light for you when she got impatient waiting in the reception room?

It is about time to take David up to bed – and am I sleepy. I think I’ll go to sleep in a hurry – if I can get him to take his bottle in a hurry. Sometimes he hurries and sometimes he is so slow. I have to close the garage door yet. I think I hear rain. I suppose it will get cold now. Well this weather has been very warm. Will write more tomorrow if I have time.

Love Mother

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