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Friday’s Faces From the Past – Elizabeth Yegerlehner with family

Yegerlehner, Elizabeth (Schwartz) with possibly Mary Anna (Wolfe) Snedeker and children - c1919

Several years ago when my great Uncle Floyd was still alive, we corresponded fairly regularly over the family genealogy. I was just beginning to receive some of the pictures from Gladys’ collection and I didn’t know who everyone was. Email wasn’t too convenient then (I didn’t own a computer!) so our correspondence was done via snail mail. I would photocopy several pictures and then mail them to Floyd. He would look the pages over and let me know if he recognized anyone, then mail them back with his notes written on the margins. I still have these pages in my research binders. It is probably a good thing that we didn’t have email as they would have probably been lost or deleted at this point.

The older woman in the photograph is Elizabeth (Schwartz) Yegerlehner. The other woman and the children are unknown. Floyd’s comment on the photograph was that they likely belonged to the Wolfe families. Elizabeth’s oldest daughter (and Floyd’s aunt) was Rosina (Yegerlehner) Wolfe. Rosina had eight children. The only child of Rosina’s that would have had three children before Elizabeth died in 1922 was Mary. Assuming that all three children in the picture were Mary’s, then the picture was probably taken about 1919. But I will never know for sure until my cousin bait trap catches something….

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