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NextGen Interview

Have you heard of the NextGen Genealogy Network?

NextGen is a community of younger genealogists who strive to connect and foster engagement within the greater genealogy community. As a younger genealogist, I know how hard it is to find peers in a community that averages around retirement age. One of the goals of NextGen is to bridge the generation gap and engage genealogists of all ages in meaningful discussions about our chosen avocation. We often meet at major genealogy conferences, as well as connect across various social media platforms. If you know a younger genealogist, let them know about NextGen!

Last Monday, I occupied the “hot seat.” I appeared on The Faces of NextGen Live. My interview has been archived on YouTube so if you missed last week’s broadcast, you can watch it anytime! Currently there are about a dozen NextGen Live interviews on YouTube to chose from. So when you are done watching my interview, feel free to catch up with another young genealogist!

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Jamboree 2017

For the past two years, I have attended the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree. Four days of genealogical heaven, listening to speakers from around the country, like Judy Russell, Elissa Powell, Dr. Thomas Jones as well as our top genetic genealogists CeCe Moore and Blaine Bettinger. This year I debut as a speaker. I am presenting one of my favorite topics Fashion and Photography. Some of my readers may remember the series I did a year or so ago–Fashion Moments. This lecture draws from that series of written blog posts. As some of you may know, there are many great free resources out there for identifying different fashion trends. Lots of eye candy, too!

I will also be participating in the NextGen panel, discussing different ways societies can reach out to and recruit younger genealogists. Additionally, I will be be selling and signing copies of my books in the Author Nook. I hope to see you there!