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Random Record – State of Indiana vs. William Scott

Fayette Circuit Court, Complete Civil Order vol. A: 58 (Image courtesy of FamilySearch.org)

Fayette County (Indiana)
Circuit Court Complete Civil Order Book A: 58-59
Spring Term March 1820

State of Indiana }
Vs. }
William Scott } On an Indictment for an Assault & Battery on the body of Silas Thomas alias McName

Be is remembered that heretofore to wit, at the term of the Fayette circuit
court began and held at Connersville in and for the county of Fayette be
-fore the Hon. John Watts Esq. circuit and presiding Judge and the Hon.
Edward Webb and Train Caldwell Esqs Associate Judges of said court
on Monday the sixth day of September A.D. 1819 by the oaths of
John Bradburn foreman, Jonathan Bishop, Daniel Heaton, Moses
Prewitt, William Gossett, Forest Webb, Lewis Noble, John Grewell, James
Haughan, Timothy Orr, William Harreld, Thomas Green, Gabriel Ginn
Charles Royster, Jacob Rees, Jesse Webb, Thomas Simpson and Silas

Fayette Circuit Court, Complete Order Book vol. A: 59 (Image courtesy of FamilySearch.org)

[page 59]

Pumphrey Sworn as grand jurors and charged to inquire in and for the
county aforesaid and in behalf of the State of Indiana. It was presented
as follows to wit: State of Indiana, Fayette Circuit Court, in and for the
county of Fayette aforesaid, of the term of September in the year of our Lord, one
thousand eight hundred and nineteen, Fayette County, Fayette Circuit S.S.
the Grand Jurors for the said State of Indiana impannelled and Sworn in
the name of and by and under the authority of the said State of Indiana, in
the said Fayette Circuit Court, and in and for the boy of the same county
of Fayette, upon their oath present that William Scott late of the county of
Fayette aforesaid, laborer, on the fifteen the day of April in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and nineteen at the county of Fayette aforesaid,
and within the jurisdiction of this Circuit Court aforesaid, with force and
arms in and upon one Silas Thomas alias McName, an Indian, in the peace
of the said State of Indiana, then and there being, did make an assault and
him the said Silas Thomas alias McName did then and there beat, wound
and evil treat and other wrongs to him the said Silas Thomas, alias McName
then and there did contrary to the form of the Statute in such case made and
provided and against the peace and dignity of the said State of Indiana.
and whereas afterwards to wit, at the term of said Court, began & held
at Connersville in and for the county of Fayette, before the Hon. Miles
C. Eggleston Esq. Circuit and presiding Judge in the said third circuit and
the Hon. the Associate Judges af’d, on Monday the 20th day of March
1820 then came as well William W. Wick Attorney prosecuting the pleas
of the State of Indiana in this behalf, as the defendant aforesaid, Wil-
liam Scott who now moved the Court to quash the indictment afore
said for reasons then and there orally shown: which reasons being
heard by the Court, and due deliberation thereon had. It seems to
the court now here, that the said Indictment is insufficient to main-
tain the action af’d and that it be therefore quashed. It is therefore
considered by the Court, that William Scott the defendant af’d as
to the indictment af’d, do stand thereof discharged and do go there of
hence without day.

©2017 transcription by Deborah Sweeney
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