The Country Side is Pretty Fine (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 2, 1942
Dear Mother,

Just after evening chow – so maybe I can get this off before work because I can’t miss a show. Don’t know what it will be but as I’ve said before that doesn’t matter.

Red bottlebrush tree (Photograph from

I was out two directions from town today. On business this time and the country side is pretty fine. There are some large widly [wildly?] spreading trees which have a bright red flower and they are real pretty – just a mass of red. Every once in a while the odor of Gardenias can be smelled and that’s pretty fine only it’s sorta spoiled by the bust because it’s been ever so long since we’ve had rain. People don’t seem to suffer from lack of rain however. They have a crude system of irrigation. Most of the gardens rather fields are small and on hillsides and about the middle of these there is a series of barrels one set lower than the next in line. Ech Each is connected by a trough and it seems the top barrel is filled until it runs into the next and so on. From each of these pipes lead sideways or they carry water in buckets. Where the water comes from at the top I’m not sure. When you drive past these the odor of human manure is pretty strong, so I have a suspicion they don’t buy fertilizer. And I

[page 2] also don’t want any of the green vegetables. In fact I’ll take the dried food from the U.S.A. It may be worse but I don’t know that.

Our breeze has been good again today but the sun hot. I’ve said that so much you are probably tired of hearing it but it still is true and fills up space. No mail today – none came into camp – just one of those no letter days. Of course we are always expecting and when we get mail regularity for a few days it seems very hard when it doesn’t come.

The coffee rationing must be hard on your mother. She won’t have enough to go more than 2-3 days out of the week. We have plenty of coffee here – In fact the Navy lives on coffee.  A pot is brewed in some divisions both morning and afternoon. I haven’t gotten the habit that bad yet.

It’s almost show time so I’ll try to add the remainder after that. Thur. morn – put my laundry to soak last night and didn’t get back to finish this letter. Not much to add. The name of the show was “Topper Returns.” It was about like some of the Shadows programs over the radio. Fantastic but entertaining.

So Solong

Love Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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1 thought on “The Country Side is Pretty Fine (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    ‘large widly [wildly?]’ probably widely
    “spoiled by the bust” should read “dust”
    LOL: “the odor of human manure” Funny that he wouldn’t write “shit”! 🙂 I think my dad’s favorite curse was “goddamn it”
    Interesting his use of “fantastic’ in the sense of fantasy or farfetched, while it is used now more for in the sense of wonderful, something good.
    Within the last year we’ve seen that movie on Turner Classics. It is entertaining.


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