Isn’t much doing (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 20, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun P.M. and a little lazy at that. There isn’t much doing this P.M. so I’ll try to answer a few more Christmas greetings and presents. The one from Rotary etc. came today. It was real nice had a number and variety of things all very useful. I imagine they had a campain [campaign] for Reader’s Digests for I got one in my box dated Dec. 1941. That of course I had read but I passed it along to the boys in the hospital maybe someone will read it. There were razor blades, tooth paste. And this is some of the stationary I’m writing on. Some cigarettes, two combs etc. All will come to use in due time. The Clay City news also came today, but no first class

[page 2] mail.

A long time ago you said Geo Tilton said something about helping to collect the bills. I always forgot to mention that he offered to help the morning he went with Nick & I to Chicago. You said something about that one time so you might see what he has in mind. Don’t seem as if Cliff had much affect. If you fill feel real ambitious some day you might send me a few of the names with the bills amount they owe and I’ll look them over – don’t send any with less than $2.00.

There is one question I’ve asked several times but never yet received an answer. You possibly have sent it but I haven’t that letter. On what date did you receive the first letter from me after

[page 3] we landed? No particular reason only just wanted to know.

It will be past Christmas when you receive this so I can ask you if you had any surprises and what you did Christmas day and how the weather was etc. I doubt it we will know which day is Christmas because it will be like all the others as far as we know now. Maybe we will have turkey or something and maybe a snifter or two if any can be found. Just had an idea might go swimming on Christmas – wouldn’t that be something to tell the folks in Indiana – your grandfather went swimming on Christmas once upon a time. Fred suggested we go on New Year’s day also. (Pop) Porterfield as we call him

[page 4]might have something to say about that, but he’d say yes if we asked him to do most anything.

We’ve had a few sprinkles of rain today but the sun hasn’t shone much. In fact it been one week now since the sun has been out good and bright for any length of time. It’s OK too because it doesn’t get so hot as usual.

Well, I have several letters to write and this is the day for the letter to the folks at home. I’ll save some space in case the P.M. mail delivery is good.

So Solong Love Daddy

P.S. The envelope is one you sent not the sweetened edges

P.S. again – I was going to eat that Baby Ruth candy bar this P.M. and found two flash light batteries. That was a surprise. Hope I didn’t throw anything else out in the gue.

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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2 thoughts on “Isn’t much doing (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “don’t send any with less than $2.00.” Doctor bills have sure changed! He charged $2.00 for an office visit.

    LOL: “and found two flash light batteries. That was a surprise. Hope I didn’t throw anything else out in the gue.” 🙂


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