If this is boring skip it (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

So far today no mail, but we still have one delivery coming. We are supposed to put the address on each page of a letter but I keep forgetting it and anyway I don’t throw out letters if they aren’t written that way. I’ve really never written you much about the country only maybe in parts but last night as I was writing Ruth M. I just happened to get started on things that I had seen and things which are common place but much different than our flat level land of Newton Co. If this is boring skip it. And anyway you got most of it from the National Geographic. These things were not all seen in one trip nor am I going to describe a trip only just things.

To begin with the whole contour reminds one of the land over which a steam shovel has taken out coal. Just one know after another only these are

[page 2] higher and larger. That is this place is an enlarged gutted coal field. Vegetation is found on almost all the mountains but the trees are as a rule small. One On many of the mountain sides small gardens or fields can be seen very green this time of the year. In fact the only agriculture one sees is just that type. The people live in run down farm houses with apparently no pride at least not much for most of them are pretty much run down at the heel. Here and there are banana orchards, single orange trees and many papaya trees or bushes. Some pineapple fields and many coconut trees just about every place you look. As far as grain crops like corn, wheat, oats, there isn’t much. Just a small patch of corn here and there and I saw one field of corn that was sewed just like wheat.

In among those knobs there is a river of clear rapidly runny water in which

[page 3] animals wade and drink and people bath and wash. One On one one level field about the size of that in front of our house there was a flooded rice field – with the crop in the green stage and the pattern looking like a picture book.

From our vantage point at the show I often steal a glance at the moon coming up at the expense of missing a good part in the show. First all one can see is a haze of light which lights the mountain peaks between me and the moon. A little later the big disc starts coming up and the jagged peaks of the mountain are well outlined and then it’s fun to watch the whole ball ease slowly up behind those spires. After the moon is up the low handing [hanging?] clouds seem to be only feet over head, and the reflection of the moon is the water gives a pretty tropical picture. About sun set some evenings the

[page 4] clouds are lower than the tops of the mountains and it seems there is a force which keeps them from rolling on down in the vallies [valleys]. All the above is my poor description and but it’s a nice place I mean in peace time but with the hurry and bubbub of war the beauty is robbed from the whole surroundings.

This P.M. the wind is blowing at miles per hour almost keeps one from going down hill and has cool things off considerable. In fact it has been really cool for a few days.

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Our show tonite is “The Fleet’s In.” At least that’s what I’ve heard. We had very poor seats last night because we went to church first and the whole thing was filled up when church was out.

I’ll add more later if letters arrive
Lots of Love

P.S. No mail

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/10/06/if-this-is-bor…skip-it-roscoe/

1 thought on “If this is boring skip it (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “our flat level land of Newton Co. If this is boring skip it…” Well, nothing could be more boring than Newton co. geography.

    “…but with the hurry and bubbub of war the beauty is robbed from the whole surroundings.” 😦

    “Just one know after another only these are…”at the bottom of page 1…I think there is a mistake in the transcription, and the system no longer allows me to enlarge the picture 😦 I think “know” should be “knob.”


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