6 months ago (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Just 6 months ago today I left Norfolk Va. Lots has happened since then and as I’ve said before the time has been fast and slow. Fast in that it seems as if the days just go flying, but long when I think of the time it has been since seeing you folk and Kentland. Hope the next 6 mo pass by as rapidly and as well. After all we have been pretty fortunate in lots of ways. I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned it but two of our original group were killed in action. So that is what I mean.

I’ve got your box ready to send and will either get it out on this P.M. mail or one the morning’s mail. I’ll give you a

[page 2] little index of content. First there is a big box and a little box and then some extra items. In the big box there is a tin can in which I’ve packed a necklace like thing and some papers – local – booklet on New Caledonia and my shell back certificate. In the little box there are shells – just different shells picked up here and there. There are three boxes. The other has pieces of corals and a match box with some cat’s eyes. They aren’t as pretty as those I sent before. There are also some ash trays made from bamboo. That particular piece of bamboo was holding up some telephone wire and it broke and we kept watching it hang there and one morning it was down. So the next thing we knew – we had a saw and were working on it. The sanding cutting etc was my own work, but

[page 3] the painting was done by one of our corpsman. The ideas about the eyes etc were mine but my painting wouldn’t’ look like that. The unpainted ones are all my own. The holes are supposed to be handles. I thought they could be used for ash trays or pansy holders since you have a few pansies each summer. The necklace is rather delicate and you’ll have to watch that D. doesn’t break them and get the shells in his mouth. That thing represents lots of work and two sore fingers when the drill – (my pen knife) slipped. I think I’ve mentioned everything and I hope it gets thru OK because this string I think is prettier than the the first one, but that is only one man’s opinion. I suppose you’ll write

[page 4] that a new dress will have to be bought to match these also. OK hope you get one.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

It’s almost time for the P.M. bath and it’s been very hot so I feel that one is needed very badly. The water was shut off so took a marine bath in a bucket of surplus wlat water – This is after the show. Bing Crosby in something. It was pretty good. Bet you think I’m nuts about these shows – but we only have to walk about as far as from out house to the Kent Estate. Really we have had a show practically every night in Dec. & Jan. so far. Sure does help kill and a long thinkable evening. If you get what I mean by thinkable. What I mean is this as long as we are busy in day time – time passes rapidly but evenings are slow and then is too much time to think of one’s plight – but the show kills all

[page 5] that.

There wasn’t any mail toady but that isn’t news to you from me anymore. My latest letter from you was Jan. 7 (written on Jan 6) and I got it Jan 20.

You never mentioned whether you got a letter from Mrs. P. or Mrs. W. They both got letters from Fred & Dr. P. but telling them what your address was. I didn’t ask you to write them because you have enough to do and if you want to write after they do OK. Otherwise let them write first.

Well, sure hope we get some mail again tomorrow but I’m afraid it will be several days now but we always live in hope. In fact I think that is what we live for from day to day. Hope my mail is still coming to you. That period from Aug 12 to Sept. 22 must have been an anxious one for you. It was for me thinking of you – Good night

Love Daddy

©013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/11/16/6-months-ago-roscoe/

1 thought on “6 months ago (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Wow….one of his rare mentions of the war: ” I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned it but two of our original group were killed in action.”

    It is too bad that these trinkets haven’t survived: “That thing represents lots of work and two sore fingers when the drill – (my pen knife) slipped.”

    ” I suppose you’ll write that a new dress will have to be bought to match these also.” LOL 🙂

    ” Bing Crosby in something. It was pretty good.” Bing Crosby was a major part of my growing up.


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