Yagerlehner, William & Lucy Ake - Marriage announcement, 1896-12-30


Two Young Couple Join Hearts and Hands

William Yagerlehner and Lucy Ake Wedded —Miss Clara Greenewald Surprised Her Fort Wayne Friends

The announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Clara Greenewald, daughter of Dr. M. Greenewald, of East Washington street, to Henry J. Ripley, which occurred at the home of the bride’s aunt in St. Louis, on Christmas evening. The bride is quite popular in this city. The groom is a representative of the Ripley house at Mansfield. The [sic They] will reside at St. Louis.


Sunday afternoon at the home of the bride’s parents, in Marion township, occurred the marriage of Miss Lucy Ake and Mr. William Yagerlehner. The ceremony was performed by Rev. P. J. Rice, the pastor of the Christian church. The groom is a brother of Chas. Yagerlehner, the electrician of this city, and is in his employ.

“A Pair of Pairs,” Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 30 December 1896, p. 10. col. 6.

1 thought on “Yagerlehner-Ake

  1. davidmadison1942

    I found this a curious thing to say: “The bride is quite popular in this city.”

    ” the electrician of this city” Fort Wayne had only one electrician?


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