New Offices

Yagerlehner, Charles - New offices, 1896-11-07NEW OFFICES

Charles Yagerlehner Fits Up Handsome Quarters for His Electrical Business

Mr. Charles Yagerlehner, the expert electrician, has just completed the fitting up of handsome office rooms in his place of business, at No. 26 East Berry street. Mr. Yagerlehner’s business has grown to such proportions that he now occupies the entire second floor of this large building, the rear part of which is used as a store room for the great amount of electrical goods which he carries and also as a work shop for his large force of men.

The new office rooms are handsomely carpeted and furnished throughout with everything that can add to the convenience and comfort of the occupants; lighted by electric lights and heated by steam. Mr. Yagerlehner makes a specialty of wiring all building strictly according to underwriter’s rules and is the only practical electrician in the city that does not combine his business with plumbing and gas fitting or something of that sort. He is an electrician only and employs a large force of skilled workmen. Call up telephone No. 186 Home company, and Mr. Yagerlehner will call on you and cheerfully furnish you an estimate on your work.

“New Offices,” The Fort Wayne Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 7 November 1896, p. 1, col. 9.

1 thought on “New Offices

  1. davidmadison1942

    Funny….a 3-digit phone number! Our home number was 323 and the office was 322…or the other way around. 🙂 would love to have seen the electrician’s new carpeted office.


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