Greetings from Pop

Letter transcription:

Receiving Station
USN Advanced Base
Noumea N.C-
FPM San Fran Cal

Dear Mrs. Yegerlehner,

I have a hard job in writing you for we certainly hated to see your husband transferred. We had been together since arriving at Moffett Field. I was very fond of him and his work – and enjoyed having him around. He was good company – He was much interested in his family and we all enjoyed looking at the pictures of them and your comfortable home.

Now as to where he went or what he is doing your guess is as good as mine. Though I am sure he will do a good job wherever he goes.

[page 2] He left a box with me and some other things which I will ship to you as soon as I have instructions from him.

He has a fine commanding officer to be with and I am sure he will take the best of care of his men and they of him.

His address as best he knew when he left was –

Navy 224
% Postmaster – San Fran Cal.

Best wishes to you and your family

Sincerely “Pop”

M H Porterfield

©copyright owned and/or written by Deborah Sweeney
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