Forty-Sixth Anniversary

Schwartz, W. B. - 1886-05-13

Forty-Sixth Anniversary

Friday evening last the members of the Clay County Bar, residents in this city, were royally entertained by Mrs. George A. Knight, at her residence with a 6 o’clock dinner, the occasion being a grand surprise to her husband on his forty-sixth birthday. Covers were laid for twenty-five and the dinner served in four courses. After justice had been done to the feast, the guests were entertained in a social way by Miss Grace Knight rendering excellent music, and in recitals of legal reminiscences by the fraternity. All the guests expressed themselves as having enjoyed the evening pleasantly and departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Knight many more anniversaries. Those present were Messrs. S. D. Coffey, W. W. Carter, S. W. Curtis, C. E. Matson, P. T. Luther, J. M. Crompton, W. M. Ridpath, J. Q, Cornell, W. B. Schwartz, J. A. McNutt, Geo. A. Byrd, Jno. B. Hussey, E. S. Holliday, Joe Van Ayer, J. Croasdale, J. W. Stewart, H. Teter, W. P. Blair, E. H. Hussey, D. W. Brattin and Jacob Herr.

“Forty-Sixth Anniversary,” The Democrat (Brazil, Indiana), 13 May 1886, p.1, col. 4; digital image, Newspaper Archive ( : 12 January 2014).

1 thought on “Forty-Sixth Anniversary

  1. davidmadison1942

    Gosh, that’s a lot of people to entertain at a residence. “the guests were entertained in a social way by Miss Grace Knight rendering excellent music” I wonder how. She sang? Details lost to history.


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