News from Noumea (Dr. Porterfield)

Noumea NC
7 PM San Fra Cal.
3.31.43 –

Dear Mrs “Yege”

Thanks for the letter. Sorry your family are having the measles. The pictures did not arrive until after he left. His mail is being forwarded from – here – I had word direct from him yesterday by messenger and he is ok. Conveniences are not as good there as here. But will improve very soon.

[page 2] We miss him very much and felt that we would be left together but one never knows out here what the next move is. One of my boys is out here someplace but I haven’t seen him. Hope the boys are over measles by now – I remember when mine had them. Oh – Boy –

[page 3] Everything is running along very smoothly here and we are really living very comfortable under circumstances. But there still remains the longing to see our families, which we hope will not be too long over the year we have sorta set our hearts on.

Sincerely the Country Doctor
M. H. Porterfield


© 2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found:…dr-porterfield/

1 thought on “News from Noumea (Dr. Porterfield)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Love his last line…and the sign-off. The era of the country doctor,,,,and being proud of it.


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