Christmas Dinner and a Wedding (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.O.P. San Francisco Calif.
Dec. 26, 1943

Dear Mother,

Now that Christmas is over and things have quieted down to a lazy Sunday P.M. a letter might be in order.

First here is the menu of our Christmas dinner – 1. Tomato Juice cocktail 2. Creamed Turkey soup with rice 3. Roast Vermont Turkey 4. Giblet Gravy 4. Dressings 5. Lettuce and tomato salad 6. Ice cream with fresh strawberry sauce 7. Oranges 8. Candy 9. Nuts 10. Cigars & 11. Cigarettes and 12. Coffee. I don’t believe I left anything out. Yes these were sugar cookies

[page 2] to eat with the ice cream. I copied that from a menu which was all prepared, etc., but couldn’t be sent thru the mail.

When I told you about that wedding being Christmas day I was mistaken. It is this P.M. instead and I’m waiting for something to develop. It’s supposed to be at 1600 and it is now 1400 so I have some time to kill. I’ll add a note at the end if anything startling happens.

Yesterday’s mail brought only a letter from Ruby Cunningham. She just wrote out of a clear sky and last night after writing that short note I wrote her a letter so

[page 3] you can see how I spent Christmas night. There was a show which was only fair and I played a game or two of Acey Ducey.

I’m going to make a New Year’s R. to write all those people I owe letters. That is almost a week away so I have that much time to delay. I used to like to write and would generally get the answer out on return mail but not so anymore. I’ve written & rewritten the writable things and that must be the reason for my change. Then too maybe I don’t have as much time, or maybe I don’t use my time as I used to do. Anyway I don’t write as many letters now as one year ago.

[page 4] I haven’t written the Folks yet today but will before the wedding. It keeps me from getting so nervous about the affair – say who is getting married? I’ll finish later.

Several hours later – The wedding was a great success. The groom kissed the bride. There wasn’t any fanfare. Just a quiet little affair with me the only American there except the Chaplin but for that matter there was only about 8 other people there and I didn’t act as best man. They didn’t have one of those things. I just had to sign as a witness. After the affair they took some pictures. The only one I got in was the one of the Chaplin & I. Romantic don’t you think –

Well Dear hope you had a nice Christmas
Lots of Love


©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner and a Wedding (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    That’s quite a menu….except for items 10, 11 & 12!

    LOL: “I’m going to make a New Year’s R. to write all those people I owe letters. That is almost a week away so I have that much time to delay.”

    Did he ever mention the name of the bride and groom?


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