My Path to Certification

As much as I freaked out when the Family History Library announced that they would be discontinuing microfilm ordering, I now think I’m in heaven with access to all sorts of digital images! I still wish I knew more about the Family History Library’s schedule for digitizing and uploading to the internet; what are their priorities and limitations due to licensing? Last week I ventured into one of my local centers to see how viewing images at a center would be. I was optimistic and pleased when I left. I copied and uploaded about 100 images to my Google drive. The pain happened when I returned home to download the images. I had not taken the time to name the files so I spent too much organizing them later.

Today I arrived at the center with an organized plan. I spent a good portion of my genealogy time this last week working on a spreadsheet for one of my ancestors. He is featured in the first section of my Kinship-Determination project.  While his parents will provide fodder for my first proof argument in the narrative, he produced a wealth of documents during his lifetime. I am using this spreadsheet to construct a timeline as well as to catalog all the documents I have for him. By knowing exactly what I have, I will see what I do not have or where I may need to do further research. The timeline will also be helpful for when I sit down to begin writing the narrative.

Having a plan really optimized my time at the center today. I retrieved and saved about 80 images. Of that number at least 70 were on my list. I found everything on the list except two lands deeds. Either I copied the page numbers wrong from the index at home or the indexer made an error I need to track down. The rest were bonus and lucky happen-stance. I found a couple of documents that the index had missed; I did not even know to look for them but I still found them!

A compiled general land deed index

Over the next week, I may begin the laborious task of transcribing all the documents I just found! Stay tuned!

“Standard 53 (Chapter 4—Standards of Writing): Selection of appropriate options. Genealogists select the proof option appropriate for the proved conclusion’s context.” – Genealogy Standards, Board for Certification of Genealogist

The Kinship-Determination Project (KDP) requires the use of at least two proof summaries or arguments justifying kinship of two parent-child relationships in different generations. There are three options for writing a proof: proof statement, proof summary, and proof argument.

The BCG website blog has a series of posts called “Ten-Minute Methodologies.” In January 2015, Judy Keller Fox wrote a piece on proof arguments and summaries, explaining the differences between the two.

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4 thoughts on “My Path to Certification

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I copied and uploaded about 100 images to my Google drive.” 🙂

    “I had not taken the time to name the files so I spent too much organizing them later.” 😦

    “he produced a wealth of documents during his lifetime.” 🙂

    “I found a couple of documents that the index had missed; I did not even know to look for them but I still found them!” SO cool when that happens.

  2. thegenealogygirl

    I’m so happy to hear this Deborah! I happen to have several high up contacts with FS, I might be able to find the right person to answer your question about the timetable for digitizing. But, you might just try calling FS and asking. In fact, if you had a list of film numbers you know you need and shared them in your call, they might try to help you out. The FS helpdesk phone number is 1-866-406-1830. Or you can live chat with a specialist right from the website. Just know you will need to talk your way past a few layers of missionaries that are there to help filter simple requests (like people who can’t remember how to login…). Good luck! I hope you aren’t slowed down at all with your work.

      1. thegenealogygirl

        You are welcome! I can totally relate. I do however call FS on occasion, mostly for patrons with strange problems. The online chat is more my speed, you could try that. 😉

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