My Path to Certification – Issue No. 6

Holy Cow! Where did the last five weeks go? It’s been almost two months since I submitted my BCG application. Since then my weekly trips to the Family History Center have almost entirely halted. Last week, I finally returned to look at my stash of microfilm. As part of my KDP, I am tracing a pioneer back to his state of origin. I ordered several rolls of land records and an authored narrative of a distant branch of the family. Unfortunately or fortunately for me—however you want to look at it—my ancestor’s father had an uncommon common name. I must dig through many different records to determine which man was my pioneer’s father.

My schedule opened enough to allow a trip to the California State library last week. The California History Room at the library contains a fantastic collection of microfilmed newspapers from around the state. Many of these newspapers are not available online. To my delight, the library now possesses multiple digital microfilm readers. The older, manual readers are being retired. While I have very few relatives who ventured west to California, I find the newspaper collection a valuable resource, and because of this collection, I generally venture to the library two or three times a year.

One requirement for the BCG portfolio is a client report. Over the years I have taken very few clients, primarily because of my day job—which rewards me with a very nice paycheck—but unfortunately leaves little time for finding and retaining clients. Luckily for me, I have plenty of friends and relatives who are willing to be volunteer clients. Because I want to improve my skills in the locality where I live, I plan on writing a series of reports for a relative whose family has deep California and Nevada roots. While I do a lot of my own research by proxy (contacting libraries/societies/archives directly, hiring other researchers, etc.), I want to make sure the work samples in my portfolio highlight my skills to the best advantage.

Sacramento has the advantage of the State Archives as well as the Sacramento History Room at its main library branch. Two weeks ago I attended Melinda Kashuba’s lecture on Replacing Lost Courthouse Records. She discussed several California specific resources that will help me find some of those local records. 

Upcoming Activities

  • I will be assisting/genealogy coaching at the Nikkei Pilgrimage in Placerville, CA, in early October
  • My monthly DNA Study group meets on October 21
  • I am lecturing at the San Joaquin Genealogical Society on October 19th
  • I continue as the coordinator for ProGen 35
  • I signed up to join one of Jill Morelli’s Certification Study Groups for some point in the future…

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