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Random Records – Samuel Port a Foreigner

Fayette County (Indiana) Civil Order Book D: 397 (Image courtesy of FamilySearch.org)

Fayette County, Indiana
Spring Term 1841
Civil Order Book D: 397

In the matter of }
Saml Port a Foreigner }

Samuel Port a native of Ireland in the Kingdom of
Great Brittian now comes into open Court and files a decla-
ration of his intention to become a citizen of the United
States as follows, under oath, to wit, “And now at this day
to Wit, 9th day of April 1841 perally comes in open Court
Samuel Port Senr. aged seventy one years, who is now a resident
of the county of Fayette, who being duly sworn upon his oath
saith that he was born in the county of Derry in Ireland,
that he sailed from the port of Belfast on the first day of June
1832 and landed in the City of Baltimore about the first day
of August in the same year, that he now resides in the coun-
ty of Fayette where he has resided for at least eight years that
it is bona fide his intention to become a citizen of the United
States, and that it bona fide his intention to renounce all al-
legiance to any foreign prince potentate state or sovereignty what
soever and more particularly to Victoria Queen of the United
Kingdoms of Great Brittian and Ireland
Sworn to & subscribed in open                                  Saml Port
Court this 9th April 1841

G. Ginn Clk F.C.C.

©2017 transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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