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Fayette Friday – Eugene B. Scofield #1

[Editor’s note: Rev. Eugene B. Scofield was a minister of the Christian Church, a faction of the Baptist Church which split off in the first quarter of the nineteen century. Eugene was Lena’s youngest brother. After the death of their father, Sherman Scofield, in 1877, the children’s uncle Silvester Scofield kept an eye on them. In 1881, Eugene was 23 and just beginning his career. He became a prominent figure in the church as he grew older. Many of the letters in this collection were written by Eugene and they catalogue his days as a circuit preacher.]

Letter transcription:

New Washington
June 1st 1881

Lena; Dear Sis. I am well. I Preached last Sunday at Utica, am now looking around to see what can be seen. There are within 10 miles of this place seven churches without preachers and are all well to do old churches.

I will preach at one of these on next Sunday.

Will be home the first of next week.

Tell Uncle that I could make ten dollors by staying down here this week and that. If if I am well (will be home) the first of next week.

Your Bro,
E.B. Scofield



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Fayette Friday – An invitation to Miss Idea Zellers

[Editor’s note: I am unsure as to the identity of Mr. Fred G. Cotton. Census records do not show Mr. Cotton living in Connersville area in 1880. There are a couple scattered records for a Fred G. Cotton in later years, and in different regions of the country, but nothing conclusive. As for Miss Idea (or Ida) Zellers, there were two living in Fayette County, in 1880.]


Compliments of
Fred G. Cotton to
Miss Lena Scofield and
if agreeable he will be plea=
sed to accompany her
to Miss Idea Zellers tomorrow

Nov. 9th 1881



©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/08/fayette-friday-an-invitation-to-miss-idea-zellers/