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New Tent Mate (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran Calif.
June 15, 1943

Dear Mother,

I did get a stamp for yesterday’s letter and was able to buy one dollars’ worth from a fellow so I’m pretty well set for a time.

The package of seeds came yesterday and the picture but the picture was pretty badly wrinkled. I thought you had sent the seeds in a regular air mail but coming as they did explains the delay. I’m going to make another try at gardening to see if something will grow in an

[page 2] eatable form.

My new tent mate – Dr. Thompson got several issues of Colliers, Sat. Eve Post and Esquire so our reading material has increased. All my old tent mates are scattered and now this Dr. and one of the dentists that used to be in Noumea are in the same tent. Funny how thinks keep changing from day to day. Geo is still in camp but his duties required that he live elsewhere and of course we have the medics off to themselves so that they can’t cause any harm.

[page 3] Several issues of the Newton Co. E. came also so I had to do some scanning to see if anything had been missed in the letters you and other people had written. I noticed in one issue that my address was now A.P.O. 43 and I also noted that this one and that one had been home on leave which sounds god and would be better if it would apply to other people I know. Patience will accomplish those things in time so why fret now.

I wonder if you listened

[page 4] to the radio news. We listened to KWID and heard ourselves mentioned. Sounds funny and also makes one feel he is going his duty by being a part of the thing. Wonder if the boys are still keeping newspaper headlines.

The moon is getting bright again and it sure does make things look pretty – shining on the ocean thru the palm trees but we like the dark nights better.

Well, hope we get some more mail today but I have a feeling 4 days in succession is the limit.

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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