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Reed-Foster Wedding

Yagerlehner, Wilson - 1903-10-21

Saturday evening at 5 o’clock Rev. J. N. Field, of the First Baptist church, united in marriage Mrs. Lousetta Foster, of this city, to Harmon O. Reed, of Bluffton. The wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Yagerlehner, cousins of the bride, in the presence of a small company of guests. Mr. and Mrs. Reed are spending a few days in the city before going to Bluffton to live.

“Reed-Foster,” Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 21 October 1903, p. 6, col. 4; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://newspaperarchive.com : accessed 23 December 2013).

Modern Maccabees

Yagerlehner, Wilson - 1903-07-29MODERN MACCABEES HAVE A TENT HERE

New Organization Was Instituted in Fort Wayne Tuesday Evening,

T.H. Wilson, of Detroit, district deputy great commander, instituted a tent of the Knights of the Modern Maddabees in Fort Wayne on Tuesday evening, officered as follows:

Past Commander, H. Julian Slade; commander, Claude C. Hollenback; lieutenant commander, O. M. Lovalace; record keeper, Perry Thompson; finance keeper, O. E. Hadsell; physical, Dr. W. D. Calfin; chaplain, C. A. Byrt; sergeant, R. S. Pettit; master-at-arms, R. B. Bock; first M. of G., Wilson Yagerlehner; second M. of G., J. S. Gislett; sentinel, Emmet Cowell; picket, F. J. Ehrman.

Meetings are to be held on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month above the gas office on Court street. This is the original pioneer order of Maccabees, incorporated in Michigan June 11, 1881, and has considerably over 100,00 members in its home state. It is a wholly distinct and separate order from the Supreme Tent Knights of the Maccabees, which began business two years later, and which has been established in this city for some time past.

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Marriage License

Yagerlehner, Wilson - 1899-11-22MARRIAGE LICENSE

Charlie A. Lanier and Luella C. Boles.
Henry Ohse and Ida L. Reynolds.
Emanuel M. Smith and Emma M. Hazell.
Wilson Yagerlehner and Alice M. Hess.
Louis E. Wiley and Etta E. Vallien.
John H. C. Bender and Maggie Waldschmidt.
Joseph W. Wilt and Lucy Sweet.

“Marriage License,” Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 22 November 1899, p. 4, col. 6; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://newspaperarchive.com : accessed 22 December 2013).

A few of many

Haller, William - Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1895-07-31A FEW OF MANY

Persons Who Have Been Afforded Great Relief

Below will be found a few testimonials to the skill of the widely known and justly famous Shaker Doctor, and the great value of his wonderful remedy, “Shaker Herbs.” The doctor and his assistants are guests of the Hotel Rich, and if the reader is afflicted with a tapeworm or any bodily ailment he should not fail to call on him.

Mr. William Haller, the well known butcher, testifies:

FORT WAYNE, Ind., July 31, ‘95
I am more than pleased to testify that on Friday, July 28, I called on the Shaker Medicine company in their offices at the Hotel Rich for consultation in regard to some mysterious ailment from which I had been suffering for a number of years and from which local physicians seemed to be unable to give me any relief. The doctor informed me that I was afflicted with a Tape worm. He gave me one dose of Shaker Herbs and in the course of several hours I was relieved of a monstrous Tape worm. I suffered from no sickness or inconvenience of any kind and gladly testify to the efficacy of Shaker Herbs.

107 East Lewis St.

“A Few of Many,” Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 31 July 1895, p. 7, col. 5; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com : accessed 19 December 2013).

Court Dockets

Haller, William - Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1892-07-06

Justice Hays fined William Haller $10 and costs for selling unwholesome meat.

“Court Dockets,” Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel (Fort Wayne, Indiana), 06 July 1892, p. 3, col. 6; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://newspaperarchive.com : accessed 13 December 2013).