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November 21, 1942 (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Nov. 21, 1942

Dear Mother,

I can’t see much difference in today from yesterday. Same weather, same work and no mail. There are a few letters but for the most part most of them are old letters and some are V-mail. In other words the whole situation stinks. We did go to the ball game this P.M. Saw the last half – two arms teams. It was a relaxation.

I was in town this morning but didn’t go to the Leper Colony this P.M. because the other fellow didn’t want to go and I don’t believe there would be anything gained only morbid curiosity and I’m not that curious. I would like to get out and see more of the country roundabout and maybe will be able to do that some of these days we hope.

I’m surprised I don’t see more fellows from home but it’s only occasionally that I see anyone from Indiana. Lots

[page 2] of fellows see others they know but other than Dr. Ash I don’t see anyone.

I’m beginning to be able to tell where fellows are from by their characteristic talk. Even to the states they came from. Mississippi I’ve learned has a distinct difference from Alabama and Texas is in a class all of its own. I often wonder if other can tell I’m from Ind. Of course the middle west has a distinctive talk but not so much as in the South.

We haven’t heard anything about movies now so don’t know when they will get things fixed up. Seems as if a coil burned out and after all we can’t just order one from Sears etc. I suppose when we do get the picture they will be old.

I’m writing before chow because one never can tell how busy he might be after chow and after 10:00 P.M. nothing doing. I’ll reserve the

[page 3] remainder for late developments. Not much extra to report. Three of us played two games of Dominoes. I won one game. The way we play it one game lasts about 2 hours so you see it kills the greater part of one whole eve.

Fred & I found some Detective story magazines to read tomorrow. They are those very juicy kind that rank along with True Love and True Confessions. We’ll probably get hopped up on them. So I’ll write you a letter full of it – don’t think anything of it –

Well, So Solong

Love Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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November 20, 1942 (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Nov. 20, 1942

Dear Mother,

Writing early today as we are supposed to have a show tonite and it might be too late afterwards to finish. Sunday nite as I told you I was called away from the show and wed. nite the thing broke down so maybe tonite it will work. We hope. It helps pass an evening away pretty fast.

There was a small amount of mail today but it wasn’t put up yet when I came past the P.O. The clerk said to come back in about ½ hr. so I’ll try to let you know later if any came in. There are rumors of our mail picking up but so far they have been only rumors. And I find the gossip among a bunch of men is terrific. Even as great as among women. Maybe it isn’t

[page 2] so malicious but it’s gossip. And it’s anything from mail to the final battle.

Think maybe Fred and I will get out and visit around a little tomorrow P.M. Our boss went out today just looking around at some of the interesting sites nearby and he said we could go tomorrow P.M. He was over at the Lepor [Leper] Colony and wanted us not to miss it. So we’ll go over and maybe I can write some of that. I don’t believe that would be a military secret.

I really don’t believe I’d like to live in a warm climate like this it seems to much the same from day to day. Maybe during the rainy season things will be different. Probably will still be the same only rain instead of sunshine. I still think I’ll like sunshine better, but I do believe a good frosty morning would help ones’ pep.

[page 3]In spite of all I can do th I still have several mosquito bites. I believe the [they] get me in the day time when I’m not looking for they don’t bother while I’m sleeping like they used to at home.

Well it’s time to go see about the mail again and then go to chow. So will finish later – Some hours later

No movie – no mail – seems we have been forgotten all the way around, but maybe things will change. I did get to listen to the news from San F [San Francisco] tonight and it came in clear. At least the mosquitoes haven’t forgotten us.

We hope things will be better tomorrow –

Love Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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