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Cut Lip and Puffy Nose (Gladys)

April 24 & 25, 1944 envelope

April 24 & 25, 1944 envelope

April 24 & 25, 1944, p. 1

April 24 & 25, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Will start writing this evening while I have a little time – not that I am rushed any time, but just finished dishes and John is working on another “dangerous room” so will sit here at the table where he is working & write. Mark is upstairs working on Bobby’s plane. David isn’t asleep yet, but has had a bad time. While I was starting supper he came running into the kitchen and fell face down. He cried like he was hurt and upon examining his face saw he had bursted his upper lip and made his nose bleed. His lip is hanging over and his face is a little swollen. I wouldn’t be surprised if his nose is broken the way it looks. Is there anything to do in case it is? He looks a little funny with his lip hanging down and puffy nose. I couldn’t see anything in the doorway he could trip over but he trips easily and where the linoleum ends there may be a rough place he could catch his shoe on.

I went to town and mailed Mrs. Stanish a money order and incidentally cashed the M.O. I took from you. I may need that to buy new glasses. Mr. Rinard said he couldn’t fix my glasses and didn’t have any frames like them. So far I haven’t had any headaches but haven’t done any close work yet. My eyes feel a little tired. While in town saw Geo. Monroe and he had been out here after I went to town, but he looked at the belt and it is about ready to break. He has ordered a new belt – I hope it doesn’t break before the new one comes – unless it gets warmer. It is very cool here and must be positively cold where you are. I was going to put my fur coat in storage if I went to Laf. but unless it warms up will need to wear it.

April 24 & 25, 1944, p. 2

April 24 & 25, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] Mrs. Dixon is on a committee with me and I called her today. She had just returned from Fla. – arrived this morning. She knew you were back and said she supposed she would miss seeing you. She and Nettie were in Fla. three months and would come back in weather like this.

Tues. a.m. – I am sitting in the “powder room” on the hamper. David is on the throne and I am trying to keep him quiet. His upper lip still hangs down some but his nose looks quite natural. He seems to feel pretty good so no measles yet. He woke me at 6:30 and I took him up and put him on the toidey. He had gone thru the night dry. So far this morning he is still wearing same pants. – – A pause to dress David. I put panties on him – I hope I am not too optimistic.

It is still cloudy today but looks like it may clear off. I will have to wash and dry things indoors if this rain keeps up. The grass has grown so much this week it will have to be cut wet I am afraid. The back yard is quite “thick” looking. I broke the news to the boys but didn’t get much reaction. I suppose I will have to take the lawn mower down to John Krug and have it oiled and sharpened. He keeps the old “hunk of junk” in pretty good shape.

I noticed we have one tiny blossom on the Forsythia bush. That is the yellow flowering shrub we see early in the spring usually, but it is late this year. The Lilac bush Onargo set out for me last fall is showing signs of life. The Spirea has opened out since you were here Sunday. So much for the horticulture.

If it keeps clearing, David will get to go out in the yard while I hang up clothes. It was too cold yesterday to take him out. I am going to watch him closely for signs of measles and I don’t want him to get cold or get a cold if he is having measles (or otherwise).

The sun is out now so must get a tub started.
Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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