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Fox Holes (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 13, 1943
Lt. Yegerlehner
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran

Dear Mother,

We are having a slight sprinkle of rain this P.M. The first in several days and lots would be appreciated because rain water is good compared to our present water.

You know how those storm cellars are built thru parts of Indiana – well we have them here only we don’t need them for storms. Therefore we call them “fox holes” and you don’t have to guess more than three guesses as to what they are used for but we get along OK and really get a kick out of the various designs and types. So much for our outbuildings.

There seems to be little doubt left as to the promotion. This A.M. I

[page 2] got a letter from Drs P & W and they have the word there so there so things must be something to it. I also got a letter from Barb. Dr. Porterfield said he was going to write you – Hope he didn’t write anything to cause you to worry all he was supposed to let you know was my address and also Parson Wright was to be sure to let you know but I was able to write sooner than I thought so neither of them would have need written had I known but you should have my new address and the old can be disregarded.

Had sauerkraut and wieners for noon chow along with lima beans so you know I was pretty well pleased. I did a small washing again this A.M. but fortunately it was dry before the sprinkle. My vigorous rubbing of the socks has caused some holes – so will have to do some darning. All this must be rather boring but it’s all in the days work and since we have to keep a tight lip subject matter is scarce.

Lots of Love

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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