November 18, 1942 (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Nov. 18, 1942

Dear Mother,

I’m writing before chow because we have work to do afterwards and there is a movie here tonite and of course will have to go. Not have to but we might want to although I’m not too much excited about them.

Now that you know our location I suppose you will be using maps in getting the location etc. As I’ve said before it’s a more or less modernized town but the standard of living doesn’t seem as high as ours. Of course, we don’t have any of the conveniences that they have in town. There are plenty of coconut trees here and there are always green ones on them but I’ve never found a ripe one only in the stores. In our particular area there are no coconut trees but we can see plenty not more than a half mile away in several directions. The nuts are supposed to be good from tiny green ones up to the large ripe ones.

[page 2] There are also supposed to be some bananas growing here but I haven’t been far enough away to see them as yet.

I suppose the boys will get their maps and look the situation over again. I finally got a map of the south west but would still like one of Europe as well as any you might send.

It’s hard to believe this is Nov. since it is so warm and things are so different than from the States. In this type climate the seasons seem so much alike. That is so far only the rain is different and we haven’t had any of that for so long. The dust is very thick on my stand beside the bed. And our our table in the mess tent/hall seems like sand paper when one rubs his hand over it. So maybe all that stuff that looks like pepper in the food isn’t.

[page 3] No mail again today and our news is mostly local. The radio news and newspapers are quite some behind times so we only know our local stuff and it isn’t so bad. There just hasn’t been any mail come in with the exception of a few V-mail letters. Those are old but one of my tent mate got one today dated Nov. 2, which wasn’t so bad, but regular air mail came in about 4-5 days ago  addressed dated Nov. 2.

I’ll save the rest of the space until after the show or morning. Maybe mail will come. No mail, no show.

Don’t know why the no mail but something broke on the sound affect to the whole thing was called off. Maybe better next time. I’ve heard there is lots of mail around here but just hasn’t been sorted etc.

Love Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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2 thoughts on “November 18, 1942 (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “…our table in the mess tent/hall seems like sand paper when one rubs his hand over it. So maybe all that stuff that looks like pepper in the food isn’t.” Yuk…mosquitoes, mud and dust.

  2. Mustang.Koji

    This is about the time when the onslaught of the Empire of Japan was stalled. Guadalcanal’s worst part of a hard fought battle was over and American manufacturing was kicking in…

    Bit one silly observation: “tonite”. I had always believed this alternative spelling came around much, much later but I see I am wrong!


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