Still more to do (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

3 P.M. and still more to do today than I’ll get done but somehow it doesn’t worry me. We didn’t get up until 8:30 this morning and had to give David his orange juice first thing then after we had breakfast it was time to mix formula & bath D. Had some washing to do then it was lunch time – never a dull moment, but as I have said before under present circumstances it is better to keep busy. No letters this morning but probably will get several Monday (I hope). I called Mrs. Roberts this morning – was going to have her bring her children & come over tomorrow but said she was going to Cisna [Cissna] Park. However she promised to come Monday if possible. She asked for your address so she could send it to Joe. I told her I had sent his to you. Maybe you two will get to corresponding some day. I went into the Drug Store to get a stamp and saw Charlie Largent. He is home on leave just before departure for parts unknown. Said he had a letter from Henry Reinhart. You should be getting one – as I sent him your address

[page 2] Had a letter from Uncle Wes and he said he sent you a number of Tribune maps. He also said he would send more so I won’t try all send a box of sardines, crackers & mosquito cream. That is if I can get the sardines. You know sardines and salmon are two things not being sold wholesale any more. I have one can of salmon – I don’t know what I am saving it for, but know I can’t get any more.

Had a caller – Clara Molter. She is going to come Tues & help me & I hope to get the housecleaning finished. Since I started writing this it has started to snow & there is a thin white coat on the ground. Don’t think it will last long tho. It melts when it light on the sidewalks.

John had a committee meeting to attend for a party the young people of the church are having. Buddy is here playing with Mark. Buddy just told me he thought David a pretty baby. We agreed with him. Right now David is having a little trouble getting comfortable – seems to be squirming around a lot.

I must write to your mother and it is about time to send this to the P.O. so will excuse myself for a short letter and promise to write a long one tomorrow (Sunday) –

Love Mother

Had 2 letters 11-25-42
No mail again today

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1 thought on “Still more to do (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “still more to do today than I’ll get done”—I know the feeling 🙂

    “He also said he would send more so I won’t try all send a box of sardines, crackers & mosquito cream” …. should read “so I won’t try any but will send a box of sardines, etc.”


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