Who showed them how? (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 4, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just a little time now so this is the first try – maybe will be able to finish maybe not. Last night I answered the greetings I received yesterday and also wrote a short note to Dr. Matthews. As I said before don’t know if he is peeved or not but I wrote just the same. I’ll try to write a short note to each person who sends me a greeting. Just happened to think the other day that I hadn’t written to Reinhart or Dr. Roberts yet so will before long when I’m more in the mood [for] that right now. Last night after the show I felt like writing. Today not so much that way.

No mail yet today – weather hot good breeze and some few clouds. That takes care of the usual things we say about those common topics of conversation. We still have hopes of mail because it isn’t 5 P.M. yet.

You mentioned that you and the

[page 2] boys were taking care of the furnace. Who showed them how? And you should stir around the retort frequently to remove any clinker because it might burn out the retort and I don’t believe you would be able to buy a new one now. Maybe one of the neighbors would look after it once in a while.

There was one question I asked you several times and haven’t received an answer yet – and that was the date my first letter arrived. It is of no importance only just interesting so if you can remember let me know. You might have sent it in one of those missing letters, which I hope catch up with us some day. I’ve tried to save all of your letters but the burden may get too great as time goes along. All the other letters I destroy in a few days after I’m sure I don’t want to refer to them again.

The bridge games I used to talk about are no more – too many of the players are gone and we don’t seem to have the

[page 3] interest we once had. Fred, Our boss and I pay [play] a game of domino now and then – very exciting. These are a little different. They run up to double nines and the addition sometimes goes beyond or [our] limited counting range. Maybe we haven’t gone into that bad a mental slump but I sometimes wonder – Don’t worry about that last sentence it’s the weather or something.

Just had a little argument. Some fellows say the war will be over by Feb. or Mar. Sure wish I had that much good outlook about things. Maybe they are right – hope so. It could be wishful thinking.

Just back from the P.O. Three or 4 letters air mail and one V-mail. The reason I said 3 or 4. You had two letters in one so that the reason. The latest letter was Nov. 24. The V-mail Nov. 7 so you see which is best.

About those pictures – David wasn’t hardly in the picture and I thought the rest of you folk took [look] terrible all except Mark standing back of you in the front door.

[page 4] John looked like a native of here in that one taken in the back yard. The last bunch were much better but John still couldn’t be natural, possibly his glasses. Have him look off to the side at some disinterested object next time.

Hope by this time you have the money orders and check I sent. I had forgotten about those. And I don’t believe I would burden the bank acc with any expensive piano – no baby grand now. I still think a coat would be a good idea anyway you had better get it out of the bank acc. Either in bonds or on interest because if it stays in the bank acc it won’t draw any interest and before long it will just sorta be attached and you’ll not have  it as I had planned. If you don’t want to get a coat see what interest you will be able to get at the Building and loan or in Bonds. No use to let the Bank get the interest. That is if you don’t need it otherwise. Hope that uniform money get thru – That will help some. This is about all the space I’m allotted now so solong until tomorrow

Lots of Love

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/08/07/who-showed-them-how-roscoe/

2 thoughts on “Who showed them how? (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Painful to read: “All the other letters I destroy in a few days…”

    If only: “Some fellows say the war will be over by Feb. or Mar…”


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