Packages arrived (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 9 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

This was a red letter day. Ruth wrote that she was sending two boxes so I sent Mark to get them – that is he got them as he came home from school, but they weren’t the boxes she sent. One was from Jim and the other the one you sent Oct. 16 – and the necklace is beautiful. Mark said, “I didn’t know Daddy could do things like that.” I said you had never had time before – and of course didn’t have access to sea shells. The bath mat is very nice too and after it goes thru the Bendix will use it on the bath table. I will count the necklace as a special Christmas gift. (The money being a trifle?) The money will stay put in the bank acct for a while. I would get a coat if I had time to go shopping but that is something I don’t want to buy in a hurry. If we maintain a bal. in the bank around what it is now, don’t you think it would be wise to do something with it. There really isn’t any point to leaving that much lie around idle, is there? Let me have a suggestion. (770.00)

[page 2] Going back to the subject of boxes – Jim’s was well wrapped and marked, do not open until Christmas but I wanted to dispose of the large box and store the things away in less space. There were gifts for all – Two records, a book on opera, a book on building model airplanes, a wooden toy and a box of expensive soap. I want to send Jim something but that is a problem I haven’t solved yet. It seems like I am not doing much shopping this year. I ordered Readers Digest for your folks. Ordered a Navy pin for Mother. John ordered his gift at the Foster shop. I sent for Mark’s yesterday. I am going to give Arlene, Dorothy & Lucile some kind of plants, and that about takes care of everyone. I must get a tree while there are some for sale. I understand there is a shortage of Christmas trees this year. Mark wants one to reach the ceiling. John suggested getting a small one but Mark protested so loudly I will get a large one if possible. I haven’t bought any Greetings this year and haven’t decided whether to or not. With the mails so heavy this year I thought I would not send greetings, unless we get so many I get an urge – which I haven’t had yet. I don’t know what you think about that but it will [be] too late by the

Dorothy Krull c1960

Dorothy Krull c1960

[page 3] time I get an answer to this letter. I am enclosing a picture taken of the house, I took after the first snow Nov. 29 – and this is Dec 9 and the first snow still on, only covered with more. The picture of the baby was taken in the den with only the outside light. It isn’t as clear as I would like but you can see he is growing – comparing it with the previous pictures. He is getting a little large for the basket but will try to use it for a while yet. Mark was standing by the basket holding a rubber elephant trying to amuse David so he would hold still – but he is still too small to pay much attention to such things. I think I’ll get a flood light bulb and see what I can do with inside pictures. We can’t get a picture out of doors now of the baby – the weather being what it is. I haven’t been out since Monday so haven’t much in the way of outside news. Dorothy was here a few minutes this evening but was in a hurry – since they haven’t any kitchen help she has to be “on duty” at meal times. She got to see the necklace and thought it very nice. You must have spent a lot of time on it as well graduated as the shells are. I’ll have to get a new plain black dress to wear this on.

[page 4] Helen Washburn Knollin in home. I talked to her a little at Club Monday but intend to see her again. She said she wanted to talk to me and tell me more about your visit with her. I suppose she will stay over Christmas. I also talked to Mrs. Reinhart and she said as far as they knew Henry is still at Moffett Field – Hope you have written to him by now, since he was anxious for some word about you. Mark is upstairs practicing on his horn. He was given first cornet part in the band and it made him very proud. He does a good job playing “Silent Night.” John had to practice on the Sax but soon finished and then on the piano. He is working on another composition. Maybe he will write something if he keeps on. This piece he is on now is pretty.

The bridge club Lucile is in is having a surprise for her at Arlene’s. They got her the same gifts they gave Arlene – baby scales and baby bed spread. Lucile is very large even with her fur coat on she[is] definitely in “that class.” She is very conscientious about obeying Dr. orders to the letter. I think she east exactly what he tells her to and nothing more. I do hope she has a good baby, but as sensible as she is she is no doubt get along. She said she didn’t want anyone to watch her bath[e] the baby until she learns how.

It is past 9 A.M. – so must get this finished and get the family started to bed.

Love Mother

P.S. The other shells were very nice – none were broken.

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3 thoughts on “Packages arrived (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    I certainly remember Dorothy Krull very well.
    LOL: “Mark wants one to reach the ceiling. John suggested getting a small one but Mark protested so loudly I will get a large one if possible.” 🙂

    Such a shame that the necklace didn’t survive: “You must have spent a lot of time on it as well graduated as the shells are. I’ll have to get a new plain black dress to wear this on.”

    “Helen Washburn Knollin in home” should read “is”

    “It is past 9 A.M.” should read P.M.


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