Sunburned (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:


Dear Mother,

Probably surprised to get this letter – That is if the letter I wrote this A.M. should come first. At any rate I’ll just repeat a little. My mail to you may be a little spotty and even scarce for several days or even months – so don’t worry just keep writing to the same address.

I’ve been working in the sun practically all day and like a dunce wore that over seas cap and my face is just a little redder than usual. In a day or two I think I’ll start rubbing off because I believe the outer layer is a little more than cooked.

[page 2] The only mail that came today was Ruth Y letter of Sept. 28 telling me about David and his Mother after the arrival. Not much late news but never the less welcome.

While in town today saw several things unusual – seems as if one can see new things every time. The thing that really stuck today was a couple of natives carrying wood from a truck. Of course they were bunching it up and putting it on their heads but before doing that they placed a small square of burlap over their caps. Don’t know if it was to protect the head from pressure

[page 3] or dirt. The railroads here would make you laugh the engines are about the size of a good sized tractor – run on steam with a big smoke stack and a shrill little whistle. The tracks are narrow gauge – only about ½ as wide as ours in the states. Really I believe the boys would get a kick out of such as a play thing of course it’s a little larger than the boys electric.

You may get letters from Mrs. Porterfield thru Dr. P. which may help when you aren’t able to get letters from me. So maybe we can keep up a three way correspondence. You will probably get notes now and then as time goes along.

[page 4]I think I’ll have to get some sun burn lotion on my face before bed time so that I can sleep. Makes me feel like I have a fever of the face – Just like you had once or twice upon a time – once when we were swimming camping and once when we lived on 2nd and Carroll street.

Well, I’ll get another letter out as soon as possible – so again don’t worry –

Lots of Love

©2013 copyright owned and/or written by Deborah Sweeney
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